hai nadiya! nanti ya aku masih nyari inspirasi wkwk (gaya bgt han)

Jihaaann! Aku numpang answer yaaa hehe~~
((sekalian dibaca juga gpp wkwk))

Mungkin yg pernah baca ff yg pernah aku post disini tentang kak Sarah dan Suho, aku mau bikin drabble ala ala nih hehehehe kak @sorasarah for you!

Remember those days?

When you were drunk and i'll always pick you up and bring you to my apartment just to avoid ur brother.

Put you in my bed,and i will right there sit down beside you till you wake up.

Just sit down there without do nothing.
Oh, maybe i do something

Looking at you,

Think everything about you.
What are you dreaming of, are you know where you are now or how do you feel now.
You always use things that can make ur body worst.

You always do something can make you look bad
But you didn't care about it. You enjoy what you do now.

But i care.

I always care about you.
Always looking for you
Always worried about you, about what you do or what you eat or drink.

But you never care about it.
I know you didn't care about anything
and about me,
who love you from head to toe.

With love

Rega Harwiyodinata

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