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Happy 25th birthday to exo’s main dancer, Asia’s first love and our beloved bear-like, kim jongin - the one who caught my attention in exo at first glance. i can’t believe it’s my 5th birthday i’m celebrating with him already and seeing him grow to what he is today is really just an honor. he literally went from looking up to other legendary artists to being a legendary artist himself, and seeing his juniors mentioning him as someone they look up to and strive to be like him, really couldn’t make me any prouder. thank you for giving so much effort & passion into everything you do - wether it’s singing or dancing. you’ve SO much stage presence it’s insane and i really can’t wait to see you unfold your god-given talents even more in the future. whatever happens in your life, we'll be right there to support you no matter what. i love you so much. 💛

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Do you use to run from the truth just because you're scared that you might get hurt?

생일축하해 경수야~ 🥳💗
Today is the day that you are brought into this world and I thank God for that 💓Thankyou for bringing joy into thousands of lives with that bright smile of yours, thankyou for always thinking about our health. I’m very happy and proud to see that you are doing what you love and have accomplished so much within these years, you’ve worked really hard. May your life be filled with joy, love and happiness. Love you always and Gbu 🥰💞

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