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Koi film ka dialogue ? ?

SaadKhan726’s Profile PhotoSaad
M khud ki puri film hoon
Kisi cheez ko shidat sy chao toh puri kainat e tum ko ussy milany ki khoshish m lg jti hai
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why do we fall in love?

We thought being in love in someone we will complete but it’s worng that person broke us completely thn we don’t need any one in life

If you could give advice to your 5-years ago self, what would you say?

Stay away for this love
Just study

What is your position if you hear someone cry and you are the reason? ✨

I cary more than him aur her
And i want to slove the things

Hi .. I need a message that makes me smile very much?

Jab life band baja rhi ho, to nach lena chahiye.

What is something you don't like but have to do every day?

I have to wakeup every morning even though i don’t

?Do you believe that everything happens for a reason??

SaadKhan726’s Profile PhotoSaad
Han g jo ota hai achy k liye hota hai but yeh bt tym k sth smjh ati us tym lgta k bs mery sth e asa q ota lykin bd m smjh ata k yehi harmy liye thk hai
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Which of your belongings are absolutely meaningful and you would like to insure them?

Not any specific one....
But every person is selfishly to some extent about his/her belonging which he/shr doesn’t want to share

What if you met yourself, would you like that person?

Yes i Will love to like myself
Nd see what people think of me


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