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Thoughts On me?😂

Tbh you are absolutely gorgeous😍and you have no idea how amazing you are. I like talking to you. You are just pretty in all your ways. Your displays are always awesome😘 and one of my favourite profile on ask.I should be thanking God that i have a friend like you.
Days will pass and turns into years i will be there for you in any situation.🌸
Remember one thing you are truly amazing.❤

You are the cutest and most adorable boy out there ❤️❤️. Just seeing you always makes my day ❤️. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I wish I can give you a lot of that happiness because your smile and you means a lot to me ❤️❤️. You seem really special to me and you will always will be

Aww!😍 TY so much!❣
Btw who are you? *-*

Toty dil ki mat kar to fikar mery humnava Pyar dun tuj ko os qadar mit jain mere nishan

ہزار سجدے تو کر چکا ہوں قضا تمہاری محبتوں میں
اب دکھاوے کا کوئی سجدہ ادا کروں گا تو کیا کروں
بس ایک تو ہی تو رہ گیا ہےجہاں سارا تو کھو چکا
تجھے بھی اپنی انا میں آکر خفا کروں گا تو کیا کروں گا؟


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