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Your favourite lyric?

Kiara139010’s Profile PhotoDr. Kiara
Jee chahay to sheesha ban ja
Jee chahay paimana ban jaa
Sheesha paimanaa kya banna
Meh ban jaa meh khana ban jaa,
Masti ka begana banja
Hasti ka parwana banja
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When you say yes to a rishta because your parents say its a good one and after sometime u start having second thought what would u do ?

Istakhara atleast 3 times

Once I was getting bored I just randomly sent a question of initiating a decent conversation. It doesn’t means that everyone has to send me personal messages that they are available to talk 😏😐 . Okay fine I do reply to only people whom I feel like replying 💁‍♀️ Maturity is everything so please

anzishk’s Profile Photoanzish khan
No you just want people to entertain you that's it

If u told ur bf to take care of ur health & in replay he said if i take care of my self i will not able to give uh tym will think for my self my work my time table what should i do?

Princess79279’s Profile PhotoPrincess79279
Buy yourself a pamper


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