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14 days without listing any song. If i quit music it'll be the second hardest thing I've ever done in this life. It's difficult but i really wanna do it.

You are on right path

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Do guys have preference for hijab or non hijab girls given how much you ppl like us ordering to cover us up

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It shouldn't depends upon boys,
Allah aur uski ka mamlaa, makhlooq ka amal dakhal he nahi
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Kese loug pal bhar mai dil se utar jaty hain jab dil ko sbr a jae ....wo loug jo kal tak khas hoty hain aam se lgny lgty hain ...

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O bhaee parh lay, kyun waqt kay kassay khanay

I am not talking to him for five months because I was insecure as he was not consistent someday too much love others days not even a single message but I love him alot and these past five months every single day I had missed him It's his birthday tomorrow . Should I wish him or not .

Send him a marriage Proposal, I dare you,

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I am in my 20s, and whenever i try to chill with my little sister, act childishly or tease her my my mothers shouts at me saying ye koi omer h esa behave krny ki. I try to act serious infront of her normally but whenever I jump into that zone again her words hurt me every time.

May you grow with prosperity

He can’t stand 20 rakaat of taraweeh and you think that he’ll take a stand for you..😄😄

You should find something non religious thing to make a joyful conversation, so stupid

Kisi ki Asliyat Jan'nni ho toh Ak Qadam Pechay Hatt k Daikh Loh Saalon k Waaday Karnay Walay 2 din Baad Pochtay b Nai Kahan ho ....😊

Ye asliyat uski nahi apki jani gai hai kay ap ko ultay Pangay lenay ka shoq hai, baaz phir nahi ana ham nay, ham phir new potential poondi dhoondhen gay apni hana?


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