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What did you watch on TV yesterday?

I don't watch tv

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can you recommend me good japanese or korean movies/dramas

huhu sadly I don't really watch any ;-; .... boys over flowers? LOL /noob

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you play overwatch?

that game has taken over my life

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bb what's ur personality type?

infp-t / sometimes I get infj but ye

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WHat's your school in Japan called????

which one?

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hi naomi! are you financially independent? if so how do you make money?

hmm getting there? I don't ask for monthly allowances anymore and hopefully it'll continue to stay that way!! I still get free food and essentials tho cus I still live under the same roof w/ my rents whenever I'm in Manila ~ hehe. But I pay for my own stuff and tuition whenever I'm studying Tokyo. Blogging stuff + Milk Club mostly <3

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What should sheep count when they go to sleep?


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What does the World know about the country you live in?

What is your favorite flower?

Have you ever given up on someone? Why?

bc they're no good for u and it's not worth the air anymore

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naomi-chan ^^ konkon !! I just wanna ask chu .. why are chu so pretty as hell!? emeyji I've been a fan of yours ever since

ahhhh ur so sweet bb!! 💖 (ノдヽ)

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Post a pic holding up a sign that says ... "Aye Money Is The Best Rapper Alive"

Whats the song you were playing on snapchat? It goes like ooh aah & it had lyrics 'seasons change'????

AHH i'm so sorry for the late ; ___ ; i actually don't remember too..

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what kind of visa do you have for japan

tourist then student visa

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can you tell me ways to get more followers?

post orig content, do it bc u love to do it, and not merely for the digits! keep doing u~

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You're so beautiful!! How old are you?

thank u so much!!! I just turned 21 last week (*゚▽゚*)

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Are you proud to be filipino

yea, that's my roots and who i am so why wouldn't i be

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Hi Naomi do you exercise? I do not because I'm lazy lol and I'm rather happy with my body and health rn. But all my friends are doing sports and training, and I...Do you ever feel your lifestyle is inadequate (´;Д;`) ?

Hello!!!!! i don't exercise ; u ; but please don't follow my example. My lifestyle is a bit unhealthy and I should probably change it soon. Please stay hydrated and don't forget to eat ur veggies! Exercising keeps you happy as well. A lot of changes can go fast by keeping ur diet healthier and exercising regularly -- from keeping fit to having a cleaner face!

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(=> - < =) hello! I'm a huge fan of yours!! You inspire me to be myself! You're very kawaii and I love your blog so much! (=•u•=) I'll be starting highschool when the school year starts up again! Any tips? Also where can I find some kawaii school supplies? love you! (\(^o^) bye bye

ahh thank you so much!! tbh i just get my supplies in any bookstores and don't have any particular special brands.. I just pick what I find really cute and handy while in a reasonable price as well c: You can check out my recent "What's in my school bag?" post here if you wanna check out what I currently use atm ~ It's a bit outdated so I'm probably gonna post a new one soon!

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Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?

my pets, loved ones, and my dreams

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what filter/app did you use for your photoshoots? you are so cute!

lightroom, thank you!! 💖

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what is the milk club and how do i join


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best song to have sex to?

HAHAHA ok random um idk i think maybe love supreme - milesexperience / lover's fire - franco / electric feel - mgmt / literally any arctic monkeys song ever made

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who are you? you're beautiful <3

is this an existential question? lmao jk thank you so much! <3

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Are you full filipino or half japanese? Also what age are you turning this year? Love your blog by the way! It's super cute and I think your style and hair are super kawaii!! ^u^

I am full filipino~ I'm turning 21 this year! ahh thank you so much dear( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒)

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