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I’m having really bad period cramps I took medicine but I’m in dire pain. Men have no idea what this is like. I’m curled up crying . I just want this pain to go away 😭😭😭😭😭

Tylenol helps the best make sure you drink a lot of water after taking tylenol to wash off toxins, place hot bottled water on lower stomach, Massage in Tiger balm in the lower abdomen and behind the lower back, massaging in lavender essential oil also helps, try to relax your stomach deep slow breathing also helps calm down the cramps

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If the person you're interested in repeatedly showed far less interest in you, and seemed to direct their attention in every other direction, would you keep trying or just give up?

if you really like someone and the feelings not mutual, I think you should run from that person cause it’s pointless to try and make them like you, it’s like forcing something that’s not there, you should just let it go cause your eventually gonna get hurt and it’s gonna take a long time to heal.

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