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What's something you still haven't recovered from?

my previous relationship.. it has fucked me up emotionally as well as previous toxic friendships

Are you ever going to switch teams

lol too late.. well sorta. Im a player for both teams ;) which = double the fun

What separates you from all the other girls?

lmao i am actually genuine and not fake.. and don't cause drama

Would ever you have a one night stand with someone from the internet?

i already have done that but would not do it again..

Do you have/want children?

i would love to have children.. but i'm not going to be able to have my own, so ill probably adopt or go through someone else

Are you more likely to hang out with other chicks or the fellas?

im a guys girl, i love hanging out with guys more than females they are just too much drama.. which is ironic considering im attracted to them as well so..

I wanted nothing more than to talk to you and hear your beautiful voice.. Weeks later, still nothing... I give up, I've reached out... I've text and called, I even called for your birthday... now I'm really only left with one option .. I know I said don't ever call my phone again, I didn't mean it

this message .. I wish this message was coming from the one person I think bout most.. but I know its not :/

Do you still wear a mask?

effy3696’s Profile Photoeffy3696
no because it is not required in my state anymore, and i am all vaccinated and boosted so i am not worried AS much anymore ..

What’s the age of the oldest person you’ve dated and/or would date?

grismob_’s Profile PhotoBHonest
ive dated someone 3 years older.. so when I was 15 I dated someone that was 18


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