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What, 14 phones? What brand and how the hell did u pay for them

Well, I'm a lil bit older tho and my father worked for Telekom back than. So...
Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson

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10 Hottest tv characters?

- Dean Winchester
- Stiles Stilinski
- Matt Casey
- Kelly Severice
- Jay Halstead
- Nathan Scott
- Isaac Lahey
- Theo Raeken

Wie beschützt man sich vor bösen Geistern, bösen Blicken und geschmacklosen Donuts? )

try salt. or call sam and dean winchester

Verunsichert dich der kOmmentar: Immer wenn cih schaue bist du online

Ne. Weil bei mir niemand sieht, wann genau ich wo bin

#EITHER/OR-TAG: Laptop or desktop? Long hair or short hair? Smoking or non-smoking? Tattoos or piercings? Ice cream or yogurt? Books or movies? Juice or water? Dress or pants? Make up or none? Green or blue eyes? Brains or beauty? Dye your hair or have natural color? Be creative or genius?

Laptop or desktop?
✪ Laptop
Long hair or short hair?
✪ Long Hair
Smoking or non-smoking?
✪ Smoking (but trying to stop)
Tattoos or piercings?
✪ I have both
Ice cream or yogurt?
✪ Yoghurt
Books or movies?
✪ Both
Juice or water?
✪ Both
Dress or pants?
✪ Pants
Make up or none?
✪ Make up
Green or blue eyes?
✪ I've green eyes
Brains or beauty?
✪ Both
Dye your hair or have natural color?
✪ dyed hair.
Be creative or genius?
✪ both

? Book Question: List 3-5 of your favorite... • books boyfriends • best friends • female characters • male characters.

JazziBookland’s Profile PhotoJazzi's BookQuestions.
- Carter
- Mitch Rapp
- Thomas and Newt
- Sonea
- mitch rapp
- carter
not that many tho

do you talk to a lot of vidders or do you prefer to stay pretty much out of the vidding community?

I tend to talk a lot with other vidders but lately I'm kind of staying out of the community... considering the fact that I'm barely vidding at the moment and I'm barely online.. I can't follow everything. But I don't even know if people are missing me... So...

Will you ever edit with Lana Del Rey songs in the future? Which of them? Some are from LFL? :)

I haven't heard LFL... And I don't think so.

Nicknames people call you? Favorite song? Favorite band?Something you would change about yourself? Watch the movie or read the book? Favorite show? Do you wish you could ever start over? Any bad habits? Ever had a near death experience? Ever lost a loved one? Relationship status? Have a nice day! :)

Nicknames people call you?
=> Nat, Nathi
Favorite song?
=> Too many to name them all
Favorite band?
=> not really one.
Something you would change about yourself?
=> something in my face and body
Watch the movie or read the book?
=> both
Favorite show?
=> Supernatural, Chicago Fire, Teen Wolf
Do you wish you could ever start over?
=> sometimes
Any bad habits?
=> Sure.
Ever had a near death experience?
=> yeah.
Ever lost a loved one?
=> Yeah.
Relationship status?
=> Dating Jesse Spencer. He doesn't know it yet.
Have a nice day! :)

How do you keep in mind the scenes in movies and episodes? How do you know that it's at 2:46 for example? I can't seem to manage it ?

I barely remember what I ate a few hours ago but I do know some scenes here and there and when I don't remember them, I'm skipping through the episode and then I end up watching it

#PIERCINGSTAG 1. What age did you get your first piercing? (ear, nose, lips...) 2. How many do you have? 3. Do you want more? 4. What do you think of facial piercings? 5. Do you have friends/family with facial piercings?

1. I was 14
2. 1
3. no
4. I don't care
5. yes

is your name your nickname or real name? i mean, i know some puts a short version or nickname instead of real name so i wondered...what bout ya?

It's a nickname.

how many videos did you create in total and how many are actually on your channel? what is your most vidded fandom?

I guess I have around 100 vids or so? Maybe more. On my channel, there are only around 50 and mostly spn

Hi! What are some of your favourite summer songs? Have a nice day!

Older songs.
like Miss California, Obsession, La Isla Bonita.. etc. But I do like Despacito, even it's kind of annoying

How do you know or find the scenes you want to use for videos? I mean toward the lyrics, does it come when you hear it or you have special thing? (:

I mostly remember them or I hear a song and think this and that would fit perfectly fine.
I don't really have a special thing for that.

Do you time your uploads to get the 'most' views (based on timezone for example) or just upload whenever your video is finished?

I don't upload at all at the moment.

do you have good luck charm? smth that protects/gives luck ? like necklace, bracelet ??

I do. My necklace. My grandparents have given it to me many years ago. The necklace itself was broken but my father bought me a new one for Christmas. I wear it since then every day

What's gonna be your new/next video, sweetie? Have a nice days !

I don't have any plans to vid anything in the near future

Hii! I just wanna say that I ❤ your videos so much, you inpired me so many times, keep up the good job ;)

Thank you so much for your nice words ? they mean a lot! And I'm happy that I was able to inspire you. Wanna show me your work? ?

Is there something that happened in your life that nearly cause something horrible? Because it happened to me a few days amigo and I feel bad ? also answer but besides vidding related. :)

well, my sisters death nearly destroyed me and besides that, my familys not in the right shape - never will be. so.. there ya go.


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