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You will be the happiest human soon💫

Abiha Zaidii
You know, I used to think that I need somebody who witnesses my life's journey with me. If you combine all the parts it's so meticulously crafted. Like I would have amazing people but for a certain time or phase in my life. Sure, very few of them have stretched through time but none in an always-present sense. They all know me through that specific phase but nobody, except me, has witnessed it as a whole and I would feel like I wasn't completely understood. But now I'm coming around to the idea that it is okay because nobody can get you like you get yourself, you've got you! Once that is out if the way, The Key is to try to undersrand the people you care about and be a faithful companion in their life's journey. You have to give more than you take!
There will always be some parts of your journey that will only be witnessed by different people. But your story is and always will be unique to you. One in billions!

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How to raise your self-confidence?

The logic is beyond me. What's the most obvious threat to a woman today? Men. And what do we, men, ever feel threatened by in different ways? Other men!
One example, all of us guys know that we go out late at night sometimes, but we avoid going to any place that could be potentially dangerous. What could possibly be there that makes us think it might be dangerous to go there? Ofcourse men. When they say men are trash, they're not wrong🤷🏻‍♂️

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Toh kya socha jaa raha hai phir ? 🌚❓❔

Ye log apni us larki, jo next year inka naam tak bhul gyi hogi, that always keeps her backup safe in the form of a bestfriend who she knows is just waiting for a signal, k lye pta nahi kahan kahan se pese jama kar k gifts and stuff letay hen. Or ye larkiyan apni fvckboi jaan k birthday surprise k lye pta nahi kon konsay excuses bana rhi hoti hen ghar se nikalnay k lye, or pta nahi kitnay pese kharch karti hen. Wo sub sahi hai.
Lekin hum idhr keh den k hum "personal gratification" k lye apnay is shouq pe apna time or money lgatay hen to even their face becomes a question mark or pta nahi kahan se life advices nikal ati hen inkay pas.

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Where do you envision yourself living in the future?

If you start to like/respect somebody here, do make sure that their شرافت doesn't come undressed during these odd hours. It's almost funny what kind of shiz you'll find, if you stay up really late or wake up really early, posted by seemingly good people who perhaps think nobody's around to watch anymore.
*Reality is often disappointing*

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