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when were u most proud of urself???

When I literally cut off myself in the middle of negative thoughts like "girl I have no time for this⭐

Agr ap apne ghr ja rhy hon or rastay mn pichli trf se shayr a jye. aghli trf se cheeta...right side se dog or left side se lghrh bghrh phr kia kro ghay ap😂?

Allah ky معجزہ ka intazar
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What is it that keeps you calm at your worst times. 💥. Peace. ✌️.

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"This too shall pass"
My trust on Allah's decision getting stronger and stronger day by day.🤩

جب کوئی اپنا ہماری آنکھوں میں دھول جھونکتا ہے ہم پہلے سے زیادہ اچھا دیکھنے لگتے ہیں 🌸💯😊🥀

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جی بے شک.
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