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Selamat berpuasa kak nazihah! :) Akak nak melawat kmns selasa ni(esok)? Kebetulan akak dtg minggu orientation pelajar baru. Teringin jumpa akak tapi takde rezeki hehe mungkin lain masa InsyaAllah. Saya ex-kmns batch 2015/16 takde rezeki nak jadi fasi. I'm your loyal follower since u were 15/16 hehe

Selamat berpuasa :) Yes, akak dtg kmns yesterday sbb hantar adik daftar kmns. Huhuuu aww tq. One day kalau ada rezeki kita jumpa :)

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i actually got As for hemistry and b+ for fz (spm) tapi not really into ac and have passion dalam editing,photography macam akak! just curious why didnt you take arts related before? and i still dont know if i wanna persue sc or not sebab susah 😭😭😭😭 but ilmu sc is like sooo priceless.

Congrats!! Bestnyeee haha i only got C for both chem and physics dulu hahaha.
To answer your question, editing and photography was always a passion of mine and I almost wanted to take digital arts lepas dapat result spm yang mengecewakan (sobs), but after entering matrics I found out that I was actually quite good in science subjects after proper learning (i managed to get straight As in matrics) so I decided to pursue science (specificallly, forensics) for my degree. But I would never dare pursue a critical course like medics and engineering because I know my limits. I still do photography as a hobby of mine :)
I think it's best for you to get to know yourself better first. Get to know what suits you. Apa-apa ilmu is tetap ilmu, whether it is science or arts. There are no limitations to what you can learn in life :) Learning to listen to what you want to do instead of listening what others say you should do is what I usually keep in mind when I make decisions. Good luck~

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how to score in addmaths i mean even bab 1 yang function tu pun i think i cannot bear with it D;

i used to do exercises in exercise books yang ada jawapan provided kat belakang. and not merely jawapan sahaja, but including the jalan kira sekali. first i would do one question on my own and if i got stuck, i'd refer to the answers, then i do the question again and again sampai the jalan kira is 2nd nature to me. does that make sense? lol. but it worked

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ok just read post on yer blog titled 'my studies/studying in general'. thing that stuck in my mind is, u don't score in chem very well during spm but how did u managed to take course that related to chem? I mean, main subject for forensic is chem. how, seriously how.....

i got more time to myself in matrics and spent most of my time doing chemistry over and over until i got the hang of it. chemistry got very interesting in matrics because we got to see the chemical reactions depan2 during lab work. time sekolah, cikgu kedekut taknak kasi student buat experiment. tu yg tak syok tu! :)

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