i actually got As for hemistry and b+ for fz (spm) tapi not really into ac and have passion dalam editing,photography macam akak! just curious why didnt you take arts related before? and i still dont know if i wanna persue sc or not sebab susah 😭😭😭😭 but ilmu sc is like sooo priceless.

Congrats!! Bestnyeee haha i only got C for both chem and physics dulu hahaha.
To answer your question, editing and photography was always a passion of mine and I almost wanted to take digital arts lepas dapat result spm yang mengecewakan (sobs), but after entering matrics I found out that I was actually quite good in science subjects after proper learning (i managed to get straight As in matrics) so I decided to pursue science (specificallly, forensics) for my degree. But I would never dare pursue a critical course like medics and engineering because I know my limits. I still do photography as a hobby of mine :)
I think it's best for you to get to know yourself better first. Get to know what suits you. Apa-apa ilmu is tetap ilmu, whether it is science or arts. There are no limitations to what you can learn in life :) Learning to listen to what you want to do instead of listening what others say you should do is what I usually keep in mind when I make decisions. Good luck~

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