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I got module 3. Maths is damn hard?!??!?! Bio and chemistry are complicated?!?!?!? There's too much facts on science comp?!?!?!??! I'm about to giviing up!!!!!! Give me some tips 😭

WHOAA CHILL CHILL. U guys baru start the semester kan? :O
I was in module 3 jugak dulu and to me it was the most chill module sbb takde physics muahahaha. Here are some tips for you:
1) Try to chill out first before you start studying. Walaupun chill je belajar module 3 ni tp there are people who can and ada jugak yg cannot cope with BIOLOGY. Even some of my friends from module 2 ckp they are glad tak dpt module 3 sebab ada biology lol. First thing, chill dulu, sort all of your homework and exercises and susun ikut subjek. Buat secawan air panas (of any kind :p) and duduk je dulu kat meja study. Amik mood. Lolz.
2) Study ikut priority. Kalau tak sure mana lagi penting, ikut je jadual kelas dulu. If tomorrow you have maths first thing in the morning, start with maths. Same goes to other subjects.
3) For ALL the subjects, it's very useful if you try to do the past year questions if provided in the tutorial book. You don't need to finish all questions in one set, just try to finish ikut sampai mana dah belajar. Then, compile everything ikut tahun pastu mintak lecturer tolong check and betulkan if ada salah. This is good because during study week you can revise balik and try to redo at least one set without referring to your notes.
4) Try to see your lecturer in your free time. But tbh... i can count how many times i've actually went to the lecturer's room. sekali je. hahahaha. Dalam kelas tutorial, duduk depan sekali. Raise your hands setiap kali tak paham and jumpa personally if ada soalan yg even lepas tanya dalam kelas pun tak paham gak. Soalan yg betul2 perlukan guidance tu, jumpa je personal. toksah malu toksah segan.
5) Some people kata matrics ni tough because you're trapped and all you have left to do is study. FALSE! Go out, have fun when you are stressed. Pergi outing mana-mana. Just let it go. Never give up. Sometimes your brain just needs rest.
6) One thing i like to do for biology is make little notes/ mindmaps.
7) Chemistry first sem dia macam maths sikit sbb banyak kira-kira. So just buat macam maths. Banyakkan buat exercises.
8) In the end, module 3 ni sebenarnya module menghafal. Cuz biology, sc comp and chemistry(2nd sem) mmg menghafal je keje. Keep your mind clean. I always amalkan jangan makan jeruk sbb org kata nnt boleh buat pelupa hahahaha. Tp sbnrnya mmg tak suka sgt pun jeruk.
All in all, don't give up. Matrics is a second chance for you to amp up your results and get into a good university. So think positive thoughts. Set a goal for you to aim. Like mine, I aimed for a scholarship in university, jadi mesti kena result hebak kan? Hoho. Jgn give up dulu! I know how stressful it is but you can do ittttt. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with what you can do :)

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Kalau lepasan spm, untuk ceburi ke bidang forensic comp etc tu first of all mmg terus ambik degree eh? Yg asasi comp sc, dip comp sc tu apa plak? Sorry saya tak berapa nak paham

anggap spm is like level 1
level 2 is asasi, matrikulasi, a-levels & diploma. choose any one yg you think sesuai with yourself. kalau rasa nak fast track- asasi, matriks & a-levels yg usually 1-2 years belajar and very packed schedule. kalau diploma pulak > 2 years and laid back studies (based on what your course is). biasanya level 2 education ni utk belajar basics before you mara ke degree, which is level 3.
and so on is masters, phd, post-doc... etc
kalau nak amik bidang forensic comp, ada banyak cara. you can start with asasi comp sc, dip comp sc then bila degree stick to comp sc. bila sambung masters buat forensic comp.
boleh jugak ambil asasi sains, matriks sc stream, dip in science, then degree in forensic science and onwards to masters in digital forensics.
the possibilities are endless :) good luck!

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Kak nazihah ada tips tak nk berkwn dgn org utk org yg jenis anti social lol

Aaaaa i had an anti social friend once, but i never realized yg dia anti social sbb dia always nice to me, but a bit cold to everybody else. Sometimes org yg anti social ni dia akan stick with their own crowd. Not saying that u can't be friends with them la! Kena try untuk start conversation dengan dorang nicely and try to talk about something yg you guys have in common. Contoh... dia suka makan, you suka makanan... make it work :p Good luck!

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