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If someone told you that you are very attractive, is it a compliment or r they implying they would like to date you

Its a compliment!

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I need help. I texted my ex about 3 days ago and he hasn’t responded back. I really want to call him or send him another text. Should I??


How do I get over my fear of asking someone out? Im not afraid of the rejection. As weird as it sounds im terrified of them saying yes. I dont know what to do after that, what to say, where to take them. I rather hide. Does anyone suffer from this? Im so lost. I am a man and I know i can get a “yes”

Just ask them, they may know the next step!

Person A says they want to see person B. Person B wants to see person A too! Person A never actually shows up or responds to making plans. Person B thinks that person A doesn’t really want to see Person B. Person B keeps trying to see Person A tho. Person A still doesn’t. Y say u do when u don’t?

But i do😩 think im person B🙃Fuck!

Do you like to try different things or amongst those who are scared to leave their comfort zone ?

Different things


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