Ask @Ndukauba:

Yoo Ndukauba, I'm recently subscribed and love your channel already. I want to become a YouTuber. So I want to know, how do you record your gameplay? And what do you use to edit? And you just use a mic to voice over a gameplay with out face cam right?

Thanks for the support fam. I use an Elgato Game Capture HD60 to record gameplay, and I use Sony Vegas to edit my gameplay. And yes, you just use a mic to record your voice over gameplay, even without a facecam. I hope this helps! XD

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What are your thoughts on the people who spam on DragonBall Xenoverse, also your thoughts on The new patch of Xenoverse?

Spammers are ridiculous. They ruin the online experience for everyone, then they brag about how "good" they are... As for the new patch, it's been pretty good. They've realy fixed a lot of issues with the game, but the game still needs work. Still lots of fun though lol

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Any tips on improving on perfect blocking?king Virgo keep saying you beat him with perfect blocking

The best way to practice perfect blocking is to fight a Frieza Race CaC. Have them shoot ki blasts at you, then time your block to literally the second the ki blast is about to hit you. From there, perfect blocking is smooth sailing.

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