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What do you do if someone keeps flirting with your bf/gf?

Tell them calmly that you would like more time with them alone. Dont get angry. Dont be rude

What are the rules that come along with FWB

Be very very patient. And try to remember to have fun & no strings attached---dont get mad and act jealousy.
Make friends instead and hang out with them.

Do you find the idea of marriage unappealing and boring?

Not at all. It'd be awesome to be in a lasting relationship that works---a teaammate!! :-)

There are days like today when I feel so blue. I bottle up all my feeling and don't feel any emotions. It's hard to open up to anyone because I don't think they'll ever understand me. I wish I could find someone who can see through me.

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Recently had a baby?

Do u like cold weather

If there's cuddles in it for me or ill need my pookie. The carbon dioxide under a blanket warms u up and keeps u warm
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Have you ever met anyone famous?

Yes. Im making a happy little land where they can come over and have bbqs and shtuff

Have you lost/buried someone close to you lately?

Yes but I think ill switch my enemies in her spot and turn her into powergirl

Angelina Jolie said: “Telling your partner where you are, who are you with, what time are you coming home is not being controlled, it is showing RESPECT!” Agree or disagree?


Do you need my 100% undivided attention? Impress me, do something interesting

Yes i do. Help me figure out this shiz or smoke wit me til we can

After a one month relationship he broke up with me and is now going clubbing a lot. what does this mean?

Hmmmm maybe hes a dj

the only games that should be played in a relationship are in the bedroom.

Riiiiiiiiiighhttt??!!!!? Like they say dont play with your food so why play with my heart, my n****.

are you pr*gnant?

They keep saying that to me. But the baby already came. Her first steps were on december 25th. I moved some time since.

You know I think it would be easier for me to actually let you go finally if you would just that you never loved me tell me the truth you never loved me we already both know the truth about all the rest here and everything else but you never loved me did you it was never real I was used

Whatever works for you. But, nah, when i love you, i love you...if its less than that, ill be your friend til the end. Til the wheels fall off. No bs. & i dont use anyone. I wouldn't. Couldn't. And know better. So shan't.

You have no empathy for any living being on earth, except yourself !

Myself and every other person, except nina. Nowwww kf we run into a nihnah, thats highly muhf***in different.


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