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Hi Jan. I have a special request. I am a live recording archivist in my free time, and I think the live performance of Sneni with Kim a few years back was amazing in terms of sound. Is there any chance I could hear the soundboard recording of it? This is only for collection purposes. Thank you

I don't have any soundboard records.

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How and when was your first contact with the electric guitar/rock music? When did you start playing and how?

Dylan Santana
I was playing paper guitar that I "made" and normal cheap acoustic guitar to the tones of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and such, jumping on my bed & playing to be a rocker when I was very young, 9 or 10 years old. I got my first electric guitar /that I used for almost all Trist releases/ on Christmas Eve sometime 1998, I don't remember exactly. It was between my 10th and 12th birthday.

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On S = F. I also came to something similar. But i've invented counter argument for myself. If we take take for granted that we are alive then we can call an autism a form of silence in life. Based on my experience autism is shitty thing. So may be non-existence is not exhaustive option?A. / from M

You may argue, silence is freedom is not an empty philosopheme for me, it is what my everyday life tought me. So I don't need to play classic logic games with that.
I don't see such a clear connection between silence (non-existence) and autism as you, perhaps. I have just Asperger, anyway.
I am not disabled intellectualy and that is what matter to me to stay alive and to love silence. There will be the last sweet kiss to silence one day, of corpse, and may it be from my own will, that is what I live for.

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