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No longer loving you is the best/ most freeing thing that has ever happened to me. I’m sure it drives you crazy that nothing you say or do can hurt me mentally or emotionally anymore😂

Who are you?

You said that you are happy..is that really true ? Or are you just masking your pain & avoiding what you don’t want to feel..


"I hope you get what you deserve." If someone said that to you, would you think they are being nice or being rude?


If you have a crush on someone but that someone doesn’t even know that you exist what do you do??

Show them you exist.

You don't exist to me until you show I exist to you I won't take the bs or treated like shit no more lol

well then …..

For starters, you can start hurting yourself, by admitting you like to play with people's hearts, do don't know what you want. And something is truly wrong within.

💯 percent agree and I’ve never denied it.

I wanted nothing more than to talk to you and hear your beautiful voice.. Weeks later, still nothing... I give up, I've reached out... I've text and called, I even called for your birthday... now I'm really only left with one option .. I know I said don't ever call my phone again, I didn't mean it

that’s a lie. It’s not even my birthday yet.


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