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My asshole neighbor took my phone and asked like 20 people these stupid ass qurstions so if he sent to you, I apologize.

No problemo compadre

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You are not special just because you have made mistakes and you have problems. Not only girls get to be mad you know

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I'm never said I was special. I just said I didn't know why I had to be mad at you. And I know.
John told us to cut it out. I think we should.

oh my fucking shit JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP both of you, you're both immature. to teddy- It was like 7 months ago, get over it. to baiz- it was like seven months ago. for fuck's sake

Right on.
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1. Anon, you can think of why however you want. Idgaf. 2. I WOULD understand, because (believe it or not) girls' complications are not as confusing as they are said to be.

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Idk us girlies are pretty complicated. But you really don't. You don't know what it's like to be mad at someone and you don't know why you have to be mad at them but they hate you so the feeling has to be mutual or you'd come off as, oh I don't know, CLINGY or DESPERATE. Which btw have been something's you've pegged me as.
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Just wondering, why pick NOW to call me out, when I have been "ignoring" you for so long

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Because I've been frustrated with you for a long time now and I haven't really said much since. Thought it would make me feel better. Idk it's a girl thing. You wouldn't understand.

You are calling me a liar and immature. I haven't talked to you because i THOUGHT I made it clear that we should keep our distances. Whether you agree with my decision or not, you should respect that. Oh yeah, theres that word again. RESPECT

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I still don't understand why you're sticking with the decisions you made, but ok I'm sorry I was being rude. I'll leave you be. You just frustrate me to my wits end, that's all.

I am not giving you respect because: 1. You take everything too seriously 2. The things you are saying are so stupid that I am losing brain cells

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Since when am I taking this too seriously? You're the one who won't talk to me because I said somethjng like 7 MONTHS AGO and they aren't that stupid.
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You say that I act like you're invisible, but now you wont even answer my questions. Who's "immature" now?

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Ok you can't call me out on that one it didn't notify me.

You said some weird stuff and I said that we should keep our distances.

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Like you don't say weird stuff and you said to fuck off which was unnecessary and you blocked me on almost every social media imaginable which was also unnecessary and you didn't even have the balls to tell me in person to go away.

Haha you piss me off too, but you don't see me starting a frickin comment war

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You don't see me going around and pretending people are invisible.

How about this one? "You cannot take a hint and leave me alone". I was on IG minding my own business and you just called me immature for no reason

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You piss me off.

I am not immature. I have a sense of humor that I use sometimes. This does not make me immature,

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Those three sentences are very flawed.

I find it amusing that you feel the need to call me immature. Maybe it reflects on how you really act? *i think yes*

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And YOU of all people are telling me this? Wow.


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