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Magst du Tattoos wirklich nicht? Tattoos - das sind bestimmt Prinzinpien. Hast du Prinzipien?

Tattoos can be fine, if done properly. I like tattoos that are small, easily hidden away, and with a somewhat deep, personal meaning for the person they're attached to. I hate facial tattoos and tattoos on hands, and I don't like it when people cover themselves with large tattoos. Sure, they can be impressive artworks, but there can always be too much of a good thing.

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Wie macht man mit einem Mädchen schluss?

I don't have any experience with that myself, so I can only say what I think would be the logical way. As a general rule, be honest and gentle about it. First, make an effort to know that you truly want to end your relationship (find out what's missing). Trying to get married and/or have a child just to "fix" your relationship is a bad idea. Don't make excuses, and don't be an asshole. If love has ended, just say so, and be sad/disappointed about it (since you, hopefully, would still care about her as a friend). Expect her to react in one of two ways: either she'll agree with you (she might feel the same way), or she'll be angry/disappointed. If the last one happens, just go with it (don't escape from the fight/discussion, but be part of it) - it could end up one of two ways: you might find out that you still love her (and don't want to leave after all), or you'll agree that you, as a couple, are not for eachother. If it ends, it ends. Don't expect to be friends or friendly with your ex in the near future (one year, or several years). Do expect that, if you have mutual friends, they may "choose a side", and/or that you might encounter each other because of your mutual friends. If so, NEVER force your friends to choose who to side with (and don't try to bring up that subject when you're around them).
Last, but not least, NEVER cheat on her as a "way out" (or for any other reason, for that matter).

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