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Würdest du mal einen Fallschirmsprung machen?

Not really. I'm just too scared of heights. I'd be up for flying in an indoor wind tunnel, though.

Was machst du Beruflich?

System administrator in IT, for a small-ish software development company in Norway. I take care of servers, network infrastructure, and everything technical, so those who make the software have what they need.

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Magst du Babys?

Babies are cute, and I'd like to have one or two myself some day. I'm not looking forward to diaper changes, though, but I'm very much up for everything else that comes with having a baby (everything after the baby is born, that is).

Auf welcher schule bist du und welche klasse?

I'm confused by this question, since I haven't gone to school for about 20 years now, when I graduated at Fagerlia videregående skole.

Dürfen echte Männer weinen?

Absolutely. Real men show feelings, and are also supportive of others when they show their feelings. But keep it in moderation, and if it's at an inappropriate setting, hold back. Constant crying isn't healthy, and doesn't look on anyone (either men or women).

Was hast du an deinem Geburtstag vor ? Ist ja am 17.4 oder nicht ?

My birthday was on 17.2, so you just missed it by a few weeks. Since my big day landed on a Monday, I celebrated it on the previous day (Sunday) together with my family. On the day itself, I didn't do much else, though, other than enjoying an extra bit of birthday cake at lunch.

Wie oft wechselst du dein Handy?

Usually every 2-3 years, depending on how my current phone is doing, and the feature upgrade I'll get by getting the latest model. With my current phone, it might look like it will last for closer to 4 years, though.

Pläne für heute?

Tonight, I'm going to a concert together with my dad, and we're going to see a Norwegian band called deLillos (they've been a somewhat big part of Norwegian culture since the mid-1980s).

Was hilft gegen Liebeskummer?

Plenty of distractions. Various forms of mind-distracting entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, books, and video games. Make yourself think about anything else.

wann folgst du jemand auf instagram?

I follow someone if I like them or what they stand for, and/or if they post interesting pictures. And it has to be much more than just posting modeling pictures. If your entire feed consists of you, somewhat undressed or lightly clothed, in various poses, and nothing else, chances are that I don't and won't follow you.

Lernst du schon lange Englisch? Willst du noch irgendwelche anderen Sprachen lernen?

I started learning English in elementary school, and I've kept it up to date through various school subjects, as well as listening a lot when watching American and British movies and TV shows (without dubbing). It has also been useful to keep up to date in my work, since most documentation is in English, and we've previously had customers abroad (like in the USA).

Hast du nur echte Freunde bei Facebook? Also die, die du persönlich kennst?

I have a few friends I've only been introduced to through common interests, and who I don't know beyond that. My main rule about new Facebook friends is that we should have met at least once, either in person or online (one-on-one), and that I hopefully remember who you are. I rarely initiate a friend request myself, but if I get a friend request from someone I should know (through common friends or a major interest), I usually accept it.

Sag mir bitte, wie kann ich sagen, ob eine Person Gefühle für mich hat indem ich ihr nur in die Augen sehen...?

I have difficulty with finding this out myself, but if you look directly into their eyes, and they don't break eye contact, then they don't dislike you, at least.

Schüler und Lehrer bekommen bei diesem heißen Wetter hitzefrei, andere Arbeitnehmer in der Regel nicht. Sollte es hitzefrei für alle geben? Wie ist das bei dir geregelt? Ist es an deinem Arbeitsplatz kühl oder heiß? Stellt dein Arbeitgeber dir Getränke bei den heißen Temperaturen zur Verfügung?

It can be really hot in the summer after 16:00 (I sometimes work until 18:00), since the sun comes shining directly at where I sit in the office, but other than that, the office temperature is pretty OK through the year. The office does have a fridge, a coffee machine, a kettle, and clean tap water, so options for hot and cold drinks are available. Only coffee is provided by the office, other drinks (not counting the tap water) we have to pay for ourselves, and the closest shop is just across the street.

Sind Männer monogam oder polyamurös?

It really depends on the individual person. It's impossible to say if men (or women) are more likely to be one way or the other.

Würdest du dein Kind so erziehen, wie deine Eltern dich erzogen haben?

On the most basic principles, I probably will, combined with how I've observed my sister raise hers, and other advice. I'll pretty much pick and choose what I see as the best options/ways to raise my future children (as in, I'll know what I'd want to do, and what I *don't* want to do, based on how I've seen others do it).

Toleranz - bist du dafür oder dagegen?

Mostly for, but there is a limit to how tolerant you can be to a certain world view (as in, if it's based on factual lies).

Do you prefer to talk or to listen?

I'm more of a listener than a talker. But hand me the right topic, and I can talk a lot around it.

hast du angst vor hunden

I'm a little bit jumpy when around dogs, actually, but that's mainly to do with their unpredictable nature at times. I've been allergic to dogs my entire life, so I'm very aware of my hands when I'm around dogs (my allergic reaction kicks in when dog hair is near my eyes and face, so just touching a dog without washing my hands immediately afterwards can be a risky sport).
That said, I don't hate them, they do make good companions for a lot of people. I'm just very careful when being around them myself.

Kann uns das Fernsehen verdummen?

It depends what you're watching, really. Everything is nice in moderation, so avoid making anything on TV control your life. Also, most reality shows are complete garbage, so if you do prefer watching that type of show, be very aware of how it affects you personally.

sweet talk or dirty talk?

Mostly sweet talk for me, actually, as long as it's not overly sweet. Dirty talk is just frustrating for me, but I can put up with it, if it does something for the other person.

Gibt es Freundschaft nach liebe?

It sometimes can be. It really depends on the relationship, and how the love ended. If it just fizzled out, and both sides agree that the passion is no longer there, then yes. If only one side ended the relationship, then it will take some time after the relationship ends before there's a chance for a friendship to stick around (but even that is not usually the case).

Was kann man nicht kaufen und warum?

True love. You can *rent* love for as long as money reaches, but it can't be bought. People who "love" people with money, don't really love them, but mainly the lifestyle that money comes with.

Blondine oder Brünette?

Yes to both. I'm sometimes drawn towards redheads and brunettes, and sometimes towards blondes.

Magst du Bananen?

Banana on its own, no. I can't stand the texture of bananas. I like the taste when blended into a smoothie (with other fruits/ingredients) or baked into bread/cakes, though.

Auf einer Skala von 0 bis 10, wie sehr hasst du reggea?

Probably around 3 or 4. I don't hate it, but I don't actively seek it out. And if I do, I prefer to stick to the more well-known tunes.

Willst du mal heiraten?

Honestly, I don't care that much about marriage. A relationship should be strong enough to last without marriage. That said, I'm not entirely against it, either. If it's something my long-term partner feels very strongly about, I'm open for it.

Warum haben manche normale Leute einen "Abonieren" Button statt "zu Freunden hinzufügen" auf ihrere Seite?

Maybe some people don't want random people to add them as friends? I suppose there's a specific method to add them as friends, but you'd have to ask them in person, or something. Who knows?

Was ist dein Mittel gegen Stress?

Listen to a music album, a podcast, or an audio book that you like (or like the subject/genre of), and just listen to it. Concentrate on what you're listening to. If you're listening to music you've already listened to before, try to discover another layer in the music. Simply forget the world around you for a few moments.

Was hälst du von Tattoos?

I'm mostly fine with them, as long as it's in a location that allows you to easily cover them up if the situation calls for it. Also, a tattoo should have a deep, personal meaning to you (as in, not getting a tattoo "just for the fun of it").

Was ist das letzte, was du angehört hast? ?????

The last song I listened to, was "Cup of Coffee" by Garbage, about half-way through their "beautifulgarbage" album.

Wie viele Fragen hast du ignoriert..... wow-wow-wow! ?

Yep, there are a lot of them, sometimes too many to get around to.


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