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Will humans ever live on another planet?

Some day, sure, but not in the lifetime of anyone currently alive.

Kannst du ein instrument

I know the basics around piano, cello, and recorder, but I haven't played any of them in a while. I also sucked at practicing on them when I did play, so I wasn't too good. I'd like to start playing bass guitar, though.


Any holiday that involves spending time together with family, really. Most likely Christmas.

Wie sollte dein traum date sein

Dream first date: At a café, having a cup of coffee or other drinks, just chatting about life and interests. You know, getting to know each other better. Could also involve going out for dinner, drinks, or whatever.
Other than that, dream dates would just be hanging out, doing something we both like (concert, show, movie, event, chatting, whatever - nothing in particular).

Bist du mit deinem leben so wie es gerade ist zufrieden?

Not really. I wish I could've done more with my life. I wish I had done some things differently, now that I'm older and "wiser".

Welchen Wochentag hasst du am meisten?

Mondays. It's a cliché, but it's just hard to get back into the routine after a weekend.

Glaubst du wirklich, dass der Mensch vom Affen abstammt?

Partially. Humans and monkeys have a common ancestor, though.

Welche Gerichte sollte jeder kochen können?

Ham and cheese sandwich (toasted). Spaghetti with a tomato sauce. Hot dogs and hamburgers. At the very least.

Wennd u dich klonen könntest und es gäbe zwei exakte Kopien von dir, wäre die welt besser oder schlechter mit zwei von dir?

Hard to tell. It depends who you ask.

Was ist der exostisches Ort, an dem du gewesen bist?

Closest thing to "exotic" would be Opatija in Croatia.

Kannst du deine Zukunft erfahren und wie?

If you know your future, it won't be accurate, since you'd have the opportunity to change it, at which point it won't be your future anymore.

Was machst du nach Schule?

I haven't been in school for about 20 years now (and it kinda hurts to think that it's been that long... I feel old...)

Will dich was fragen aber schäme mich Ya wie kann ich dich fragen?

Go ahead and ask. If I don't like the question, or I'm uncomfortable answering it, I'll just leave it unanswered.

Glaubst du, dass jeder Mensch eine zweite Chance verdient?

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. It all depends on what they would have a second chance *from*.

Wahr / Falsch: Du hast schon mal etwas geträumt und dir gewünscht, das der Traum real wird.

True. (Who hasn't?)

Wie soll man sich im fall einer Atombombenexplosion verhalten?

Seek shelter under and behind something strong, and you may increase your chance of survival from the initial blast. If you know beforehand that a nuclear blast is coming (a few minutes out, at least), seek shelter underground, if possible. If you have a subway/underground train station near you, go there. This is only based on various documentaries (and other similar material) I've seen about the Cold War throughout the years, but survival mainly relies on luck (where you were at the time of the explosion; distance from the blast, shelter/protection from your location, etc). I hope we never need to use this knowledge in real life, though.

Mit der Zeit verändert sich der Geschmack: in der Jugend hören wir eine Musik, dann eine andere. Hat sich dein Geschmack verändert? Welche Musik mochtest du in deiner Jugend und welche magst du jetzt?

Tastes do change - sometimes to include more music you may have missed in its time, sometimes to no longer like the music you once liked. I'm more of the first type. In my youth, I was mostly into classic rock (like Pink Floyd, Boston, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Alan Parsons Project, etc), comedic pop (Weird Al, Knutsen & Ludvigsen, etc), and music along those lines, while I didn't care too much for "newer" rock music (Nirvana, Guns 'n' Roses, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, etc), even though my peers were very much into them. Yes, I do remember getting weird looks from my classmates in music class when we were sharing the music we were into (but still a "thumbs up" from my teachers). Nowadays, I still like that music, but I've widened my taste to also include some bands/music from the 1980's and 1990's that I didn't care about (or missed completely) during my youth, and I also like some newer pop, rock, alt.rock, etc. that's being released today.

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Ist der Charakter einer Person abhängig von den Genen?

Part genetics, but a major part is the upbringing (and the people you've surrounded yourself with)

Bist du ein guter Lügner?

Not really. I get really uncomfortable whenever I lie, so I try to avoid situations where I need to do it

Magst du Tattoos wirklich nicht? Tattoos - das sind bestimmt Prinzinpien. Hast du Prinzipien?

There's a small difference between *liking* tattoos, and being OK with them. As long as they're not right in the face or neck (those are bad places for tattoos, btw), and they have special meaning to the person (something *very* close to their heart/soul), they can usually be nice and artistic.

Bist du risikofreudig?

I try to avoid the bigger risks whenever possible. I'm somewhat fine with smaller risks (like a lottery bet, or getting somewhere on time)

Machst du dir Gedanken darüber, was andere Leute von dir denken?

Usually not, but I do when something about me gets called attention to.

3 must-haves für den perfekten morgen?

1. A cup of coffee (with milk) or a cup of tea (depending on the mood),
2. At least 5 minutes of absolute silence (as a form of meditation), along with no stress to get started on the day,
3. Good weather (sunshine, comfy temperature, a mild breeze).
Beyond these, I can take whatever comes my way.

Würdest du für längere Zeit ins Ausland gehen?

If I had the opportunity, I might travel abroad for up to a month at a time (I still feel the need to be back home for certain birthdays in my family)

Wäre es schwieriger für dich ohne mUsik zu leben oder ohne Süßigkeiten?

Music would be harder to live without, of those two.

???Was hälst du von FErnbeziehungen?

I'd like to be in one, so that might say a little about what I think about them.

What music do you listen to when you have to concentrate?

Either no music, or all instrumentals, to avoid getting too much into the music (instead of what I'm trying to concentrate on doing).

Ich sehe, du antwortest nicht jedem

Correct. I only answer questions I feel comfortable answering, or I have an answer to. I do delete questions I don't want to answer EVER, but most questions are just left behind in my "unanswered" queue, just in case I feel like answering them at a later time.


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