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Was ist schlechter, zu heiß oder zu kalt?

Tough call. I guess it depends on the situation, really. Being too cold outside is worst, but being too cold inside can be solved with an extra blanket or another layer of clothing. Even so, I think I'd prefer being too hot.

Was ist der beste Ort fürs erste Date?

Having a coffee (tea, hot chocolate, or other beverage of choice) at a café. It should be a café with booths (in addition, or instead of just regular tables), so you can more easily have some privacy in a casual setting.

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Meinung zum Wetter gerade? ♨️?

Right now, it's a bit in the middle of the road. It's a bit chilly for my taste, overcast, and sometimes raining, which is fine. Not great, just fine.

Wie findest du neue Musik? ?????

By random chance, mostly. It's usually music playing in the background in TV shows, movies, commercials, or other video, or playing on a radio nearby. Sometimes, I also discover new music from artists I already follow.

Würdest du mit jemandem zusammen kommen den du nicht liebst?

Maybe, but I have to at least like them a little

Wann willst du heiraten?

At any time, or not at all. Marriage isn't that important to me, but if whoever I'm with would prefer it, I'd go along with it. I suggest being in an intimate relationship with for at least 5 years before marrying someone, though.

Die beste Band der Welt?

In my opinion, Pink Floyd, even though they're no longer performing or putting out new material (as a band).

Welche Zutaten sind in Roggenbrot?

Without looking up a specific recipe, and based on what I know about bread making in general, I'd have to guess rye flour, water, vegetable oil, yeast, and syrup.

Wer ist der schönste Mensch in deinem Land?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so opinions will vary, but if I limit my choice to celebrities, I'd probably say the artist Sigrid (who is also from my hometown).

Entscheidest du es immer spontan ?

It depends on the situation. Sometimes I am, sometimes I stick to my original plan.

wenn du eine katze wärst was wäre dein name?

Fluffy or Fluffers, something in that direction.

????lässt du dich beim ersten date küssen?

I usually don't, out of respect, but I'm open for it, if the chemistry between us is there.

Antwortest du auf blöde Nachrichten? ?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on the message and my mood at the time.

Have you seen the movie La La Land?

Nope, and I don't plan to. Too much of "romantic comedy" for me. I might be pursuaded to watch it together with someone, but I wouldn't spend time on it on my own.

Welche Eigenschaft hättest du lieber: jede Sprache fließend zu beherrschen oder mit Tieren sprechen zu können?

Being fluent in any language - I could then communicate with any human on earth in their native langauge. Also, how do we define "language", though? Does sign language count? Also body language? ....And the body language of animals? (Just saying... ?)

Sag eine Sache, die dir sehr wichtig ist.

Overall, basic human rights. Which, I think, also would include freedom of speech, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, freedom of religion, freedom from opression, etc.

Wie lang morgen Uni?

I haven't a clue, I'm not in university. I was pretty much done with full-time studies about 20 years ago (and it hurts a little when I thought back on that number).

Is the screen of your phone big enough?

Yes, I think so, which is why I don't go for the "+" version of whatever flagship phone is out when I'm about to get a new phone.

Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?

Not so scandalous, but it's an odd choice. Either go full sandal, or wear shoes (there are lighter shoes that will work with socks, believe it or not).

Echtes Tattoo, Henna-Tattoo oder gar kein Tattoo?

Either real tattoo or no tattoo. If a tattoo, it should also be easily covered, if you need to. It's also something that should have a deep, personal meaning to the one who has the tattoo, in my opinion.

Vinyl oder Kasette?

If limited to those two choices only: vinyl for sound quality and endurance, cassette for portability.

Welche Musikrichtung gefällt dir am besten?

I usually gravitate towards rock and electronica, but I also enjoy pop music in general.

Würdest du dich über einen Geschenkgutschein zum Geburtstag freuen?

If someone wants to give me a gift certificate for my birthday, I usually don't refuse it, but it would have to be something I can actually use (for a shop, or a chain of shops, that has things I might be likely to buy for myself anyway).

Magst du Tattoos wirklich nicht? Tattoos - das sind bestimmt Prinzinpien. Hast du Prinzipien?

Tattoos can be fine, if done properly. I like tattoos that are small, easily hidden away, and with a somewhat deep, personal meaning for the person they're attached to. I hate facial tattoos and tattoos on hands, and I don't like it when people cover themselves with large tattoos. Sure, they can be impressive artworks, but there can always be too much of a good thing.

Was ist dein liebster Youtube Vlogger?????

I don't really follow anyone who can considered "vloggers", so the closest one would be Reina Scully. As for YouTubers in general, I prefer the ones that present curious facts in a weird way.

Hättest du lieber eine Gabel als hand oder einen Löffel als bein??

Forks for hands. At the very least, I'll be able to stab/grab stuff. Spoons for legs would be too hard to walk on.

Geht es dir besser nach 1 Liter Bier oder nach 1kg Schokolade? ?

Tough call, since chocolate is heavy stuff. I'd prefer to do the chocolate (but not all in one sitting), but I'd feel least bad after 1 liter of beer, which would amount to about 2-3 "units" of it (depending on the size of the glass).

Welche Musik hörst du zur Zeit?

It varies from recent pop music (Sigrid) to Pink Floyd at the moment. I have my moods when it comes to music.

Wie stehst du dann zu Piercings ?

I don't have any piercings myself, so I have to imagine it on others.. Ears/earlobes: fine. Nose (side) and bellybutton: tolerable. Eyebrow and nose (all the way through): annoying, but I can see past it. Everywhere else, icky. I mean, go for whatever you're into, but I'm just saying it's not for me.

Gibt es ein Leben nach der Ehe?

I suppose, based on my observations, but since I've never been married, I don't have any first-hand experiences on it.

Bist du der Typ Mensch, der stundenlng mit Fremden bei Cappuccinos zusammensitzen und über das Leben reden kann? ☕☕

I could be, but I wouldn't be doing most of the talking. I would be the one doing the most listening, though.


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