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Was ärgert dich am meisten?

People who incite hate (to any degree) towards other people, and people who willingly spread misinformation without checking their sources.

Was sind deine wichtigsten Ziele im Leben?

1. Surround yourself with people you love, and who love you back (such as family)
2. Have a career that's meaningful to you, personally.

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Verrätst du mir wovon du träumst? ??

I usually don't share my dreams with anyone, unless the topic is already being discussed.

Bist du eher schüchtern oder aufgeschlossen?

Shy at first, but once a proper conversation has been started, I can be a bit more talkative.

Wenn du ein Persone hübsch findest sprichst du sie dann auch an ?

I'd really want to, but I'd be too shy to say anything meaningful. I don't know, there's just something in me that stops when I meet a beatiful person. Either that, or I'd make an attempt at small talk, and completely fail.

How would you describe your perfect sandwich?

Multigrain bread, a thin coating of margarine, chicken slices, Jarlsberg cheese, salad, some chopped red onions, sliced tomatoes, sweet paprika slices, some cucumber slices, topped with a sweet onion sauce.

Schläfst du im Dunkeln oder mit etwas Licht an?

Usually in complete darkness, but sometimes in a soft light. Summertime is hard for me in terms of sleep, though.

Das letzte was du gegoogled hast

Tough call, since I use Google several times a day, especially for work. Checking my phone, I see that my last search on there was for "ILM" (Industrial Light & Magic), the visual effects company that affected a lot of movies of today. The company was started by George Lucas to work on Star Wars, and they've been responsible for a lot of movies over the years, including the Indiana Jones movies, the Back to the Future movies, the Jurassic Park movies, the Harry Potter movies, all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pretty much all of the Marvel movies, and a lot more. Even Pixar (the movie studio) and Photoshop (the software) got their start out from ILM, which is even more amazing

Will dich was fragen aber schäme mich Ya wie kann ich dich fragen?

Go for it. If I don't like the question, I'll just delete it without answering it (or keeping it in my question queue indefinitely).

Hast du keine angst vor mathe ??

Not really. I can still deal with most math problems, but advanced math (at university level) locks me up.

Welcher Sport denkst du ist am gefährlichsten?

I'd say pretty much any sport involving high speeds, such as Formula 1 or Super-G (I think that's the name of the sport).

Bist du genervt, wenn jemand mit den Fingern knackt oder mit einem Kuli klickt?

I'm unsure about the translation here, but I do find it annoying when people crack their knuckles. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me. I know it technically does no damage to their fingers or knuckles, but the sound is still annoying as hell.

Pläne für heute?

Given that this question was posted on Saturday, I had no plans for that day, really. I was out during the daytime at a birthday celebration (for two kids and their father, since their father was finally home from offshore work, and they were catching up on the celebrations). I was home by around 7pm, and had no further plans for the evening - as usual.

Was ist dein musikalisches Tabu?

I don't really have a "musical taboo" (which is what Google Translate told me this was). I enjoy pretty much all types of music, but some genres I prefer in very small doses.

Wieso single???

I think it's a combination of me being overweight (and being self-concious about it), as well as me being a bit shy. It's not a good combination, and it usually stops me from even trying too hard.

Was ist eine diät?

It's basically what you choose or restrict yourself to eat. It can be a specific course plan, or a set of rules in terms of what type of food you eat.

Schaust du Kochshows?

Not really. I do, however, watch a channel called My Virgin Kitchen on YouTube (I like his style), and the occasional video from Rosanna Pansino (also on YouTube), but that's about it.

Du wachst in der Früh auf, schlägst die warme Decke zurück, setzt dich auf die Bettkante und denkst....?

(No, literally. Early in the morning, sitting up in bed, there's absolutely nothing on my mind for a while.)

Wie soll man wissen, ob du ein guter Mensch bist?

Are you hurting someone, either emotionally or physically, through your actions or deliberate inaction? Then you are not a good person.

Was macht man an einem Regentag?

If I have a choice, I stay inside, and either watch stuff on YouTube or Netflix (or other streaming service), or play video games.

Wer war der Held deiner Kindheit? Warum?

Trond-Viggo Torgersen, a Norwegian all-round entertainer who was very popular with children in the 80's (when I was growing up). I just like how he does entertainment and comedy, both for children and adults (without going directly for the stereotypical childish humor).

Worum ging es bei dem letzten Streit, den du hattest?

I honestly don't remember, so it was long ago. I'm usually pretty calm, so if I'm angry enough to have a heated discussion, you know you've really struck a nerve in me.

Warum stehen Ballerinas immer auf den Zehenspitzen? Wäre es nicht einfacher einen größeren Tänzer zu haben?

But, seriously, if you've seen a ballerina's feet (I've seen pictures of some), it's not a good thing. I guess they once thought that a thin foot would look good (it doesn't).

Kannst du mehr als eine Person wirklich lieben?

To some degree, yes. If you mean romantically, then I'd say mostly no.

Bist du in der Schule schon einmal eingeschlafen?

Yep, only once during my entire school life. It was in an end-of-school presentation, though, after all report cards had been handed out, so it thankfully didn't count against anything. The seem to recall the presentation was for a local university, for those who were interested. If I remember correctly, I had been up all night, and the presentation was very dry, so there was a point where I simply jolted back to life with my head on top of my folded hands, resting on the desk. It was embarrassing.

Wo stellst du dir vor, in Zukunft zu leben?

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep on living in Ålesund, the city closest to my heart, but I'm also open for living in one of the larger cities I've been to, like Berlin, New York, or Las Vegas. I'm not ruling out anything outside my birthplace, as long as it comes with easy connections to come back and visit family.

Wie würdest du eine Billion ausgeben?

First, I'd make myself 100% debt-free, and buy myself an apartment (or small house) I'd really like. Main points would be roomy (but not too roomy), central location, and parking spaces available for guests.
Then, I'd put some of the money in somewhat-safe investments (so they'll generate interest), and follow up with creating a small education fund for my niece and nephew (to be used for higher education). I would also travel more throughout the year.
Following that, I'd still have more than 950 million, so I'd keep going with some donations to my closest family, and several charitable organizations I care a lot for (such as the Red Cross, Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Doctors Without Borders, etc).
One billion is a lot, so I won't be able to spend it all myself, so I'm better off sharing with causes I care for.

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Was denkst du wenn hübsche Leute keinen Freund haben ?

I'm thinking that beauty is more than just good looks. It could also be about trust issues, or just not knowing who you have good chemistry with.

Geht irgendwo was am Wochenende?

Like most weekends, I relax at home, and binge-watch either TV shows, movies, or random YouTube videos.

Welche Serie würdest du im Moment zum Anschauen empfehlen?

Depending on what you're into, Altered Carbon, NCIS, Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Kann uns das Fernsehen verdummen?

It depends what you're watching. If you only binge-watch reality shows, then probably yes. If you only watch news programs or documentaries, then maybe not (it depends how unbiased those sources are, though).

Wozu gibt es Zeitungen?

It's a daily summary of yesterday's news, and to wrap fragile objects when moving to new house/apartment.

Ist der Sieg über sich selbst ein Sieg oder eine Niederlage?

It depends on the type of victory, but in most cases, it means that you've improved upon yourself, so you're getting more skilled.

Gibt es Orte, vor denen du Angst hast und die du meidest?

Any place that has a sense of real danger to it. (Places high up with little or no security, cities with high crime rates, etc)

Who is the best movie villain?

I'd probably say John Travolta's character in Swordfish. He's so full of unknowns in that movie. Blofeld from the (early) James Bond movies is also up there somewhere.

Wie geht man mit einem mentalen Trauma um?

Talk it out with someone you trust, like a close friend/relative, or a therapist. It most likely won't cure the mental trauma, but it could make it easier to cope with.

Was HASST du? ???

Hate is such a strong word, and I rarely use it, but I utterly despise people who are violent or condone violence towards other people for any reason other than direct self-defence (and I don't mean preemptive self-defence).

Was hast du an deinem Geburtstag vor ? Ist ja am 17.4 oder nicht ?

It's actually on 17.2, and I usually celebrate with family, either on the day itself, or set to the nearest weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Beyond that, no other (specific) plans for celebrating my birthday.

Zu welchem Konzert würdest du gerne gehen??✌

Tough call. I've already seen a few great stars in concert in my life, and there aren't really any artists that particularily stand out that I've yet to see in concert. Time will tell, I suppose.

Gibt es jemanden, der dich glücklich macht? Wenn ja, wer?

Not at the moment (as of early September 2018), but I do have my eye out for a few people (even though they barely know who I am, and are probably not interested in me).

How many hats do you own?

As for full-on hats, probably just the one, packed in a box somewhere in storage, if it wasn't lost in our last house move. I saved it from when my grandfather on my mother's side passed away.
If we also include baseball-type caps, I have 2-3 others, and I wear them out just one at a time (they're excellent for collecting my sweat, and for providing a little shade/protection above the eyes).


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