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Was kann einem einen Schock verpasen?

I'd say most likely something that goes fully (or almost fully) against their belief system, morality, or upbringing.

Du bist hübsch

Thank you. Unfortunately, I have no idea who's saying this, since the "question" doesn't say who's saying this to me...

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Hast du Angst vor Höhen?

Kinda. I'm weary of standing atop of anything higher than myself, with only a small fence (or nothing) separating me from the edge. The higher, the worse I feel.

Do you think you get more mature by getting older?

In some ways, yes. I'm still a bit of a child at heart, at least.

Wenn du dir ein besonderes Talent wünschen könntest, welches wäre das?

Playing several instruments. I only know some of the basics, but I'd really like to learn a lot more (and have the time and discipline to practice).

Magst du Poesie? Hast du schon mal versucht, Gedichte zu schreiben?

Nah, I never really got into that stuff. Some people like it, though, and kudos to them. Then again, some song lyrics can be considered poetry (far from everything, though).

Do your parents like the music you listen to?

Usually yes. We have somewhat similar taste in music, since I liked a lot of the music I grew up with (mostly rock music from 1970's and 1980's). My dad usually sticks to the "old" stuff, while my mom also likes some of the more recent music. None of them care too much for a lot of what's on the hit charts nowadays, though.

Wennd u dich klonen könntest und es gäbe zwei exakte Kopien von dir, wäre die welt besser oder schlechter mit zwei von dir?

A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B.

Du hast irg. immer gute Laune oder ?

I have my good days, and I have my bad days. I try to hide it inside when I have my bad days.

Wer ist der schönste Mensch in deinem Land?

Hard to tell. There are a lot of beautiful people, but I probably haven't been properly introduced to the *most* beautiful person in my country.

Bist du eifersüchtig?

Yes, but in a softer way. When I do, I rather turn into a "sad" jealous person, rather than an "angry" jealous person.

Are you afraid that robots will take over the world?

If we do it right, no. But we need to put careful thought into how we design the robots (make sure we're still in control). When making robots that include some autonomy/intelligence, we should make sure we make them into our friends and helpers, instead of just pure slaves.

Was hilft gegen Liebeskummer?

Time and distractions. Preferrably, healthy distractions. Find something else to do and experience, and also set aside some time when you vent (to someone) about your heartache, just to get it all out. Try to avoid lingering on the past, try instead to move past it, and put it all behind you.

What's your favorite oldies artist/band?

If I could only pick one, and depending on what you define as oldies (I'd say "bands and music from before I was born"), I'd most definitely Pink Floyd. I mainly enjoy everything from the Dark Side of the Moon era and onwards. I'm not too much into their earlier stuff. I also like all of the post-Waters stuff, but also most of Waters' solo albums.
I can choose more artists, I can also name ELO, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, the Beatles, and Jean Michel Jarre as major favorites. This is music that I basically grew up with (from my parents).

Wo siehst du dich selbst in zehn Jahren??


Magst du Babys?

They're adorable, and I hope to have some of my own some day. I feel it in my heart whenever I spend time with my niece and nephew.

Was verlieren wir mit dem Alter?

It varies. Some lose their ability to easily learn new things. Some lose their playfulness and creativity. Some lose their athleticism. Some lose their minds. And some just lose everything in their lives. We just need to maintain what we want to keep, as much as we can, and hope for the best.

Derjenige, der an deiner Seite sein sollte - wird er/sie da sein??

I certainly hope so, but I probably haven't met her yet (or we haven't been properly introduced yet)

Sollte man den Menschen eine zweite Chance geben?

Usually yes, but it depends what you're giving them a second chance from. Some acts are not worthy of giving someone a second chance. Also, giving them a third or fourth chance is pushing it.

What hairstyle do you like to see on the opposite gender?

If I had my pick: straight, shoulder-length, and spread out toward the shoulder edges, parted in the middle (or near the middle - no bangs). As for hair color, usually ginger, reddish-brown, or blonde with darker stripes. Whatever comes natural, really.

Do you pay attention to the material your clothes are made of?

Usually only when I'm about to do laundry. Most of my clothes are cotton/poly-blends, so I don't think about it much.

Do we become happy only when we meet the one we love?

Nah, we can still be happy without meeting the one we love, but it's a different kind of happiness. With love, there's also a growing feeling of comfort involved.

Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?

Art museum. But I'm open for a zoo visit, if whoever I'm traveling with prefers that.

Which countries have you visited?

Aside from Norway (where I was born and have lived for all my life), as of mid-2018, I've been to Sweden, Denmark, Finland (barely along the border), Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain (Gran Canary island only, not mainland Spain), Hungary, Slovenia (less than a few hours, since we only drove straight through), USA, and Canada.

Gehst du gerne shoppen? Wie viel Zeit kannst du dabei verbringen?

Actual shopping? When it comes to shopping for clothes or shoes, I go in, find something that fits my personal style, try it on. If it fits, and I still like it, I buy it. I don't go to many shops while I'm out shopping (2-3 at most), but I might stick around in a single shop for maybe 30 minutes, if there's more stuff that interests me (mostly games and electronics shops, though).

Tausende an Freuden vor dir....welche schnappst du dir als erstes?

Whichever is closest, really (assuming there are only temptations I'm not allergic to). Which also explains how I got to "fluffy" proportions.

What was the last movie you watched?

I recently re-watched Serenity (the Firefly movie), and I also watched (for the first time) Extinction on Netflix. It's a surprisingly good movie, and it's not quite what you think it is (based on the trailer) until you get about half-way into it. It's a science-fiction movie, so you need to have the right mindset for it (meaning, not being completely against science-fiction).

Was bedeutet das Meer für dich und was der Himmel?

I love the salty smell of the sea, and I love living where I can clearly see the open water out of one of my windows. I also like a clear blue-ish sky (maybe just a few small clouds in sight). I wouldn't want to live there, though.

Daoismus, Konfuzianismus??

Neither? I don't really subscribe to a single philosophy (or agree with everything within one single philosophy).

Wie kann man Bogenschützen auf Pferden besiegen

Hold ZR, aim by moving the controller around (or use the right analog stick), and release ZR to fire the arrow. I've seen people mentioning that you can also lock onto a target by holding ZL while aiming, but I've never tried this, though.

Wie oft gehst du zu konzerten?

Pure concerts? Roughly once or twice a year, depending on who's playing, and where. There are very few artists I'd go well out of my way to see, though.

Kannst du Weinsorten am Geschmack unterscheiden?

I can tell a wine I like from a wine I don't like, that's about it. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I suspect it comes up to a glass or two every other year or so.

How would you change your name to make life a lot more fun?

Maybe adding another middle name that would make people do a double-take (as in, "did he say what I thought he said?") - and spelled in an odd way, just to throw people off until it's pronounced.

What tastes better than it smells?

Most types of fish. I generally avoid stuff that smells bad even after it has been cooked or prepared.

was hörst du für Musik?

Mostly rock and electronica, some pop music, it usually varies on my mood of the day.

Ausruf, Zustimmung ausdrücken, Bewunderung für die Leistung eines Schauspielers?

I don't love any actors or actresses unconditionally. Some of their performances are good, some are bad, and some are a good match for their role in a particular movie, and some are a bad match. Tom Hanks is probably one of those with a better track record, though.

Was machst du Beruflich?

IT technician (system administration and maintenance, network infrastructure) and some project management (also in IT)


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