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Xbox or PlayStation?

I'm actually more of a Nintendo guy myself, but if I had to pick between these two, I'd go for PlayStation.

How do you prefer to travel?

Airplane's the fastest. It depends on the distance, really. If a city has a well-developed public transport system (city-wide), then subway/metro, trains, trams, buses, in that order. Otherwise, Uber/Lyft/taxi or passenger car.

"Imagine Dragons" or "The Chainsmokers"?

Imagine Dragons, most definitely. The Chainsmokers do have a few nice ones, but for Imagine Dragons, I can easily enjoy a whole album at a time.

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What can melt your heart?

A show of love/affection by people close to me, such as personalized words on a card. That gets me every time.

Have you ever fired a real gun?

Never, although I have fired an AK-47 rifle a few times, as part of my required basic military training, almost 20 years ago. I might try firing a gun at a target practice range, just to have tried it at least once, but I don't plan on it being regular, or owning one myself.

Kannst du bitte wieder so eine Zeit lang alle Fragen beantworten

As I've said before, and which I've now put in my profile page, I will only respond to questions in Norwegian or English from anonymous users (or asked anonymously). I might be more flexible if the questions in other languages are from people I know, but generally not.
All previously unanswered questions in German have already been deleted by me, so I won't answer them.

What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?

I did a quick test recently, and it came out as INFP-T (Mediator). That said, I don't really take much into those types of personality tests, as they usually have some flaws (scientifically).

It's the birthday of iPhone! Have you ever owned one?

Nope, iPhone has never been my kind of thing. It's just too limited for my use. I do have an iPad, though, mostly for entertainment use.

If you could travel anywhere in Africa, where would it be?

Two cities could be interesting to me; Cairo (Egypt) and Cape Town (South Africa). Not at any cost, though, given the current political climate in Egypt.

If you could have any question answered, what would it be?

What exactly type of life exists at the very deepest end of the sea? And I mean Mariana Trench type of deep.

Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart?

Emma Watson, no doubt. Aside from her good looks, she also seems to have a great mind, and healthy opinions (at least based on what I've seen from her so far).

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

One is just being, and the other means having a lot of varied experiences.

What advice would you give a person coming to live in your country?

Be prepared for any type of weather; cold, warm-ish, snow/ice, rain, wind, etc. Especially around here. We *have* managed to experience all four seasons over the course of a single day.
And don't be surprised about the darkness in the beginning/end of the year (winter months), and the lightness in the middle of the year (summer months).

What's your favorite holiday?

Visiting a large city in a mild climate (mostly sunny, and between 20-30 degrees Celsius), where there's lots of things to see and do.

Who is hiding under Stig’s racing suit?

Some say it's an interdimensional being from outer space. Some say it's just a mannequin, controlled by the racing suit itself. Whatever it might be, we call him The Stig.

If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?

Honestly? An open seat (or my partner, once I'm no longer single). On such a long flight, I prefer just zoning out with something I downloaded on my phone or tablet, or sleeping.

Have you ever been called to school principal’s office? If yes, for what?

I don't think so. At least, not that I can remember.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

Yes, it can happen, but it's unfortunately very rare. Infatuation at first sight happens a lot more, though.

Would you rather have $50,000 free and clear or $150,000 that is illegal?

In that case, probably the $50,000. It's still something I can use in my life without being greedy.

What is the most popular sport in your country?

Depending on the season, it's usually football (or "soccer", to you Americans out there), ski jumping, or cross-country skiing. At least, that's what it seems like based on the time these sports get in the media. Personally, I don't give a [b00rk] about sports.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert and usually very shy. Once I've warmed up to someone, it gets better, though.

What is your favorite way to spend some time alone?

YouTube videos, watching Netflix, or playing games on my Nintendo Switch or 3DS.

Do you think dogs are really man's best friend?

It depends on the person, actually. Dogs are not for everyone. Personally, I'm allergic, but I can still see why people enjoy their company (it's just not for me). In my opinion, if dogs are treated with love and care, you'll get happiness and love from those dogs in return.

What is the thing you hate the most?

I despise hate speech, and speech condoning/encouraging violence towards others, including when acting in revenge (not direct self-defence, that is).

Have you ever lied about your age?

I can't recall ever having lied about my age, actually. Personally, I don't really see the point in lying about my age, either. But I have sometimes asked people how old they think I am, and gotten surprised looks when I've told them my real age.

How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?

Full-on vegetarianism is not really an option, given our human physiology, though. But reducing our dependency on meat can have benefits. For our own bodies, the main concern would be maintaining balanced nutrition for our health needs (proteins, carbs, fats/oils, vitamins, etc).
For the world, a reduced dependency on meat and animal products could result in less cruelty to animals in general, I think.

What is the worst gift you have ever received?

Gift packs of shampoo, body lotion, and/or deodorant, especially if it wasn't anywhere near my wish list. Honestly, if I haven't expressed a wish for those items, you're actually better off just giving me a gift card from the same store, a box of chocolates, or just cash. Even something you made yourself (with me in mind) would be a lot better.

Do you listen to your parents’ advice?

If the advice makes logic sense (or a logical/sensible explanation is provided), then yes. It usually depends on the situation, and the advice given.

What is the most pointless invention?

A solar-powered flashlight without batteries. (Meaning, the solar cells don't charge any batteries in it.)

If you steal a pen from a bank, is it a bank robbery?

Naw, pens are office supplies. One or two pens shouldn't be stealing, especially if they are branded with the bank's logo (which in that case would be more like promotional handouts). Grabbing a whole box of pens, or a fistful of pens, then we're talking about stealing/theft.

Welches Handy hast du Jetzt ?

Assuming you mean which mobile phone I have, it's a Samsung Galaxy S8. Please stop asking questions in German, further questions not in English or Norwegian will be deleted without answering (and possibly blocked).

Ein kleines Spiel: Eine Tochterr?ode rein Sohn?? Cola?oder Fanta?? Fliegen✈oderfahren?? Intellekt ?oder Schönheity?? Wohnung?oder Haus?? Schwarzk◼oderweiß◻? Erdbeere?oder Banane?? Wal?oder Delfin?? Engel?oder Dämon?? Sonnig?☀oder wolkig☁☔?Teile das mit all deinen Followern

Either works for me. Cola. Flying. A mix between the two, but intelligence is nicer. Either an apartment or a house, as long as there's enough space. Usually black. Strawberries. Dolphin, as long as the behave. Angel, I guess. Sunny is better (I hate the rain). And finally, nope.

What are your plans for this weekend?

My plans are to do what I do every weekend: Relax, watch some videos, maybe some episodes of TV shows, maybe even a movie.


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