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Kepada arwah, mengingati atau melupakan mereka? sebab sakit mengingati perit dari melupakan. Apa yg kita boleh buat?

is it even possible to forget an arwah who we love? no. it's impossible. sama ada awak ingat atau lupa, it's not really your choice. kalau awak teruskan cuba untuk lupakan arwah, tapi kalau Allah kata tidak, awak akan tetap ingat pada arwah.
sakit mengingati mungkin lebih perit daripada melupakan. tapi sakit untuk cuba lupakan tapi gagal itu lebih perit.

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Is it true that human's body is an art? Eg : A man likes some photos of nude woman. And the reason he likes it is because its an art. Ya it is happening! I don't know why would bunch of people would friking exposed their body on internet!!! I am mad out of jealousy. Haha and now, things get weird😢

I do think human's body is an art, it's God's creation after all. But most men just like nude photos because they like what they see. They're men.
People expose their bodies for their own reasons. It gets uncomfortable a lot of time, but that's the internet. People on internet can do anything they want. I understand the jealousy, but you shouldn't feel jealous. Try to focus on your inside than the outside.

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