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After three years he really just cheated on you? -___-

Yes ,with this grimmey as hoe.. fucking ugly looking shit ..hahaha you see ive realized that he belongs with a filthy hoe.. thats what he needed be with this cunt ass bitch named mariela. . spread the word, don't want her to go around and steal your man too ahahaha

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Fuck you Vanesa , you DEFINATELY still care about me and him if you have pictures of me !! You call me a hoe but weren't you one who messed up his and the girl before you relationship !? I thought so! So if i were you i wouldn't be saying shit ! You point fingers at someone who only did what you did

Ahaha you know what's funny? How you don't know shit. . obviously, because you just know how to open your mouth,and run it.. maybe that's why you're a side bitch. . Because all you're good at is sucking up dicks and being una perra hoeing around messing with taken men.. you don't know half of the shit that went down, So if I were you I'd shut my fucking mouth because you're about to get some ass whooping for being una resbalosa. shit, then after I'd tell your mom why I beat the fuck out of you, por ser puta. then maybe she'll whoop your ass too Ahaha. fucking grimmey hoe. get your shit straight before I fuck up your face. Hashanah

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Did you love him, be honest?

Dude,I spent almost three years of my life with him. .
I went through so much bullshit with him. .and we never gave up on eachother. .
we always made it through whatever obstacle tried to come between us..
we had it all, ,So I don't know about you. .but when a person puts in so much time and effort into a relationship with that special someone, yes at course it's love. . so yes, I did love him. . more than anything in this world.. does it matter now? no. . so I mean whatever. . it hurts like hell to let go. . But he made a choice. . and it wasn't me anymore. .the best thing I can do,is let him go..whatever is meant to be, will come back to you no matter what. . but I'm not letting my guards down.. I'm moving on while I'm at it. . it may be hard. but it's time to flip the page. . I was stuck in the same chapter of the book for too long now.. I'm ready for what comes next.. ♡✊ ✌

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See how important i am to you. You even got your bitches checkin up on me hoe ass , of course he came back to you , you were the rebound stupid ass .. He couldn't get what he wanted from the other girls so he had to come back to you for that pussy

Kik me, sounds like you have trouble understanding ahahahah. if that's what you think,okay hoe. whatever helps you sleep at night c:
hahaha chill, you sound really mad.. ✋
look bitch, you wanna talk shit. then you're gonna get hit. so if I were you I'd shut up. Ahaha tell him to tell you everything. . how much that nigguh loved me.. THREE years hunny. . so yea he definitely spent time on me c; if anything I was his MAIN bitch. . something you will never get a hold of, not with him, nor with anybody else. you'll always remain a side hoe. so please stop embarrassing yourself because you're for sure good at it Haha you and him lost here.. you both look pathetic. . I'm the " hoe" ?you sure about that bitch? Because from what I remember, I'm a faithful as female. been faithful for three years so you're the one who looks really dumb rn. honestly tho.. cheating isn't the shit to do. .but more than anything YOU most of all look thirsty, pathetic, dirty, filthy, and grimmey! pinche perra resbalosa ahahaha go suck a dick again, seems like you're getting agrivated. poor you ✋
aha quiet on kik screen shoting it and being a liddol snitch. . hahaha you make me laugh boo.. Kik me and don't be a Pussy, whore!(:

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how many times have you been in love?

Honestly, I THOUGHT I was in love back in freshmen year and the beginning of sophomore year. . with an asshole that was nowhere near good for me.. then I met my boyfriend on December 17 2011..
that's when I learned what love really is.. it was far from what I thought I had going on with the other guy.. so technically I've been in love only once. . and I'm still here after ALMOST three years of dating my boyfriend... so yea. . he honestly saved me from a bad relationship back when we first met. . and so now,he means the world to me.. he's my life saver. . and in more than happy he's mine now.. ✊ MY Prince ♥

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Damn if you are your ex will be so mad!

lmao funniest shit I heard all fucking day! hahaha look, I can talk to who ever I want now.. shouldn't concern you, nor him. especially him! me and him will never get back together. like I said, he's dead to me. so if he gets mad I wouldn't give a fuck, why? Because he's the one who Fucked our relationship up. so I deserve to be happy and talk to who ever I feel like talking to. just like he decided to fuck around with some hoe and stick with I'm doing me. is that clear? yea I Hope so because I dgaf what he thinks. .

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