Ask @nesayadig:

Why every guy only does a one night stand with u now we kno why u so loose lmao im one of those guys

Ouch , estas ardido por que ya me olvide de ti? Pobre de ti que no me puedes olvidar y recuperar lo que teniamos .por eso Es que hablas puras pendejadas. You hate seeing me happier with someone new than when I was with you . Te calá que ya no me puedes tener , and somehow shaming me and saying lies on social media feeds your ego lol . You’re a sad ex.

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I’m glad your sister didn’t ..

Do you not understand the concept of leaving someone alone? You’re not understanding that you’re already into deep legal trouble . I can pull the trigger any moment and you’d be in jail for threatening and cyber bullying . I would recommend you to stop bugging . You don’t know me at all . You don’t know anything so worry about yourself before you regret it. Don’t make me name blast you cause I know who you are

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lol you honestly have some serious mental issues . The more you try to approach me and the more you get in contact with me , the more evidence I have from you . And funny cause I ALREADY know who you are and Honestly, I feel sorry for YOU actually . Soo keep it coming . 🙃

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How come u can never 4get ur first love? U will always love them regardless & if u find someone new u will love them stronger than ur 1st. But ur first love will always be there. Why do u think this happens?

I personally don’t agree with this . I can’t love someone who’s caused so much damage to me . I will always remember them. But not love them anymore . Nothing but a memory now that will eventually fade within years .

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I'm falling for a guy im friends with benefits with. he says he also likes me but doesn't want a relationship right now. What do I do, do i tough it out and stay with it because we have such a deep connection and great sex and maybe hope he falls for me later or do i stop the whole thing now?

Stop the whole thing . You’re playing with fire and you WILL get burned eventually .

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