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Do you live in the United States

yes right now I do

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Which song best represents your life so far?

And we danced- Macklemore

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Pancakes or waffles?

Ever tried pancakes with chocolate chips? Damn they're so good

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Where were you born?

Germany, (in the federal state Saxony-Anhalt)

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are german guys hot?

When I compare them to Italians, then I can say no. But it's kind of an own view question. Where I live, there are some cute boys, and some aren't hot at all. I say, that German and American boys are the same.

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are u in a diverse part of america?

I am in a part where many germans immigrated, so it's sometimes underwhelming for some people that I'm German. But for me the last weeks were so special because we got a lot of snow, more than we had in years! And my birthday is soon and I can't wait to have a white one. My last birthday with snow was like six or seven years ago, so I can't wait!! 😍

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do u like living the US?

Yes! It's much different from my home country, and I see pros and cons in it, but that doesn't matter to me because I live my dream that I had for years and I enjoy every single moment here.

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Look at my blog for more-

Hi, my name is VANESSA and I am from GERMANY. I'd like to share with you guys my adventures as an EXCHANGE STUDENT in the USA.
You can ask me any questions about it. :)
general things about how I live:
I'm currently staying in Wisconsin and I came here at the beginning of September. I'm here since 2 1/2 months and will return in about 6 and a half months.
Here I have a mom and 2 sisters. One is my age (16) and the other one is 22 and not living with us anymore. My brother (24) is living in Arizona and will come at Christmas for some days. My family has 2 dogs and 2 cats.
I go to school in my town and it's kind of a small one with only about 200 students. My sister and me go to school by car and come home for lunch everyday.
I'd like to here from you guys! Ask me whatever you want (German and English)

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Ask @nessalng:

About Nessa:

Vanessa from Germany
17 y/o
exchange student in Wisconsin
(First account- @vnessa99)
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Wisconsin, USA

#exchangestudent #usa #wisconsin #fredonia #milwaukee