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Lots of KPop undergo plastic surgery, their beauty is fake, lots of them even can't speak an straight english


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Kpopalypse Christmas question! Do you follow Kpopalypse blog? If so, why do you read that trash? If not, what would make you read that trash? If you would never read that garbage, why? Do multiple questions in one annoy you? Does it annoy you when someone bulk-asks everyone the same question?

kpopalypse’s Profile PhotoKPOPALYPSE!
I'll try to give a more in-depth response than some of your others.
I don't follow the Kpopalypse blog in the sense that I don't subscribe to the email notifications or anything like that, but I do check back on it once every 2-3 weeks. I'll skim-read most posts but the extra-interesting stuff.
I read that trash because it's entertaining and sometimes informative, like your technical posts. Your fanfics are great; I especially loved that Ailee one. I thought it was very creative and hilarious, although it came across as a little preachy because Ailee seemed to share your exact opinion on vocals. That reminds me, I need to go back and read some of your older fanfics that I haven't touched yet. I still haven't even read Project Red Light! The posts I enjoy the most are probably the ones that introduce me to new songs, like Nugu Alert, the top 30 and the honourable mentions, plus now of course there's the Kpopalypse Roundup. I've always found that out of any kpop fans or bloggers that I know, I have the most overlap with you in music taste when it comes to kpop (and many other genres actually, that's why I follow your ask.fm for the occasional good non-kpop song). That's why I like having you sift through all the crap with your roundups, then hopefully you'll remind me of all the good songs with the lists. I might miss a good song here and there but I cbf to listen to every single song on my YouTube feed any more. I started the YouTube playlists as a way to reach more people with a list of good kpop songs. I'll be updating all yours and AKF playlists at some point after the New Year so I can do it all in one go.
The main type of post I don't bother with these days is 'fap' posts. There's all that writing, and who's got time for that when fapping? Judging from what you say in a lot of those, this seems to be a problem that you as the author seemed to experience as well, but doing one or the other, fapping or reading, is always distracted by the desire to do the other. The result is that I half-fap, stop, read a bit, fap again, etc., which is just no fun. It would make me 'read' it more if it was just a pure pictures (and/or fappable text) kind of deal, rather than it being half-fap, half-read. That, or a compilation video like the ass one someone made for you. The content of the writing is solid though, because it's always interesting for me as a pleb-level boob appreciator to read the view of a connoisseur.
The things I would probably never read are the reviews of books or k-dramas/Korean films or whatever. I don't bother with reviews of things I haven't seen/read, and I never intend to watch any of that stuff, although I wouldn't say never ever.
Multiple questions in one don't annoy me as long as they're all connected in some way, like this one, but even if they weren't it wouldn't be a big deal.
Bulk-asking can be annoying depending on the question, but this seems like an appropriate question for most people you follow, so I think it's fine.

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How was it?

Writing for AKF? It was good, although I just lacked inspiration to write something good most of the time. Motivation faded towards the end too. It was good while it lasted but my interest in kpop isn't as big any more and I'm too busy too.

FYI, the entirety of Dalshabet posted numerous photos of themselves in bikinis on their Instagrams today. http://didyouknowkpop.blogspot.com/2013/03/dalshabet-member-profile.html

Thanks for this info, but I can't help but feel like ask.fm isn't the best platform for this sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I like your observations and musings on kpop, but I feel like they would be better suited to being tweeted or blogged about instead of being asked as a question. It's nice to know Dal Shabet posted bikini photos, but what am I supposed to say in response? Hard to think of something witty or relevant all the time.
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After School - Bang, Dalshabet - Mr. BangBang or Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang?

Bang >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mr BB > BBB (not to be confused with Big Baby Baby)

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Hyoyeon still all live in a dorm together, despite being filthy rich and approaching their late 20's. Do you think that they're be institutionalised?

I think they're just catering to shippers.

Can you fap successful stroke to the Final Fantasy-BDSM-Yoloswag outfits from the You Think video?

Yeah, it's pretty good.

do you think that the Lionheart MV is condoning zoophilia?

Not really zoophilia if it's a humanoid lion thing, more like furry.

https://mobile.twitter.com/ItsSMTOWN/status/630969012847906817/photo/1 https://mobile.twitter.com/AllAbtSNSD/status/630973412282777600 SNSD's new concept. Do you like like where this is going?

Yes, I like like the look. Not really looking forward to the songs though. SNSD feature tracks have hit an all-time low twice already this year, and that's saying a lot considering some of their crap in more recent years. On the flip side, I guess it'd be pretty hard to be even worse than Party. It can only really get better from here.


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