Ask @niaomiforonda5:

Plans for the weekend?


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Single, taken, or crushing? If your taken, who? If you're crushing, who?

none of your business

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You are just the darnest little snapper in the pickle whacks of the world


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Nickles & pickles


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You always seem like you have soccer.😂 what's your soccer schedule

since its summer and we have a lot more time we have practice a lot now but
practice- 7:45am-9am and then again at 6:30pm-9pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday and Thursday- we scrimmage other teams at like 10am and have practice and 6-8:30pm

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leave nikki

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Was that you 😂

no i don't start drama on social media😂😂

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Someone you miss?

my friends from San Diego and my old dog

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if you could have anything what would it be?


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Favorite movies?

purge,shallows,finding dory, cheaper by the dozen, and yours and mine

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PAP your before and after!

oh my

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middle name 🍍Favorite food🍍 🗣Last word you said🗣 have you ever broken a bone If so what bone Favorite animal 👾Favorite video game👾 🎯Favorite emoji🎯 🎷Favorite instrument🎷 ✈️have you ever flown in a plane✈️ 🛬If so how many times🛬 📱Do you have a phone📱 😗If so what kind of phone😗 👭top 10 bffs👬

my finger and my ankle
beluga whale
yes over 10 times
yes iPhone 6
nikki, georgie,meri can't think of anymore

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Do you think anyone has a crush on you?

Whatz us # i need to text you


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Did u know jack and hailey are dating?

R u mad at anyone or is anyone mad at you or have drama with anyone rn?

not saying

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The people that like this are your friends or want to be your friend.

Niaomi, I don't have your number but do we have practice tomorrow? -Megan

yes 7:45-9am 1-3pm and then 5:45-8:30pm

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Why do you ask ppl to give you a tbr?

because i want to know what they have to say about me

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Likes get long tbh over text?


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morning routine?

go on social media
brush teeth wash face moisturize
put on mascara and concealer
change to work out clothes
do my greys anatomy work out or go on a run
change to normal clothes
straighten or curl my hair
and then go out

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Likers get...?


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confession;; we need to make plans to hang out😂💗

thanks and snapchat me so we can

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What's your everyday make up routine?💄💋

i curl my eyelashes,
i put on my maybelline water proof rocket blast mascara and my maybelline lash sensational
then my Almay under eye cover cream and then set it with my revlon color stay pressed powder

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