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your dating hailey again! holy macadamia not tryna to start anything here but .. she had white flakes in her hair today

arielhxoxo’s Profile Photoariel hensley
What the fuck is your problem, if your not trying to start something then don't say anything, if you don't like her then don't talk about her. you said you weren't gonna be rude anymore. This just proves that your a liar, and an asshole. i don't care if your life sucks and your parents beat you at home, it doesn't give you the right to be rude to people. No one thinks your being funny, your just a bully. If I was you id kill myself. Obviously your not popular bc you have some serious anger issues. Ha. No ones perfect, and no one can look there best everyday. It's not her fault maybe she got up late or something, I would bet anyone that she looks 100 times better than you on her worst. Pointing out that small of a flaw just makes you look like an asshole and a bad person. Idc if she doesn't look perfect everyday, you don't even know her, think about her personality she's an amazing, smart, talented girl, shes so easy to talk to, she's one of the nicest girls I know but, you just bring her down. bitches like you don't care, bitches like your just want to bring people down bc you feel bad about yourself, so you attack other people. This isn't the first time you've tried to start shit. Your just a cyber bully, no one thinks your being funny your just being an asshole. You made a fake just to make people feel bad, that's low, you have some major problems, and I don't give two shits that your a girl, or that you say you are. To me a bitch is a bitch, if I saw you id do the same thing any other person would do, punch you straight in the face. Your life sucks so you take your anger out on other people, you make fun of people who are better than you. That's not right, at all. Go to hell.
And no, I'm not dating hailey.

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