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What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you donot love them back? ?

The second ? But I think you could find a scenario where the first one could be harder 🤫

Do you hate any species?

I can not handle my spice for the life of me. Those who know me will confirm 🥺

What would you do if you could inflate your body like a balloon?

I’d hope I could float like one 😔

Do you think empathy can be taught? Why/why not?

If you can teach people to hate each other than you can teach them to love each other. Eventually you can teach anything in theory but to answer your question specifically then yes I think empathy can be taught.

How much did you lurk your crushes social media before talking to them?

I don’t have a crush on anyone 😂

What is the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite gender ?

Are they moving away or toward me ?😉

From Angry Birds, are you more Red, Chuck or Pig?

I wanna say red but im probably as good looking as the pig with the attitude of chuck. 🥴

What would you choose: be invisible or read other people's mind?

What if I did both already ?😏

It’s more to life than just making money . Wisdom and knowledge is the richest thing u can obtain

SWEET_SOLO’s Profile PhotoIamsoe
Its more to life than just making money  Wisdom and knowledge is the richest

🎂 Is your birthday a big deal for you or do you just don’t care about it? When is your birthday?

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
Another day of the year.
I’m mostly thankful for everyday I have. It’s not that I don’t believe in birthdays but I don’t “celebrate” my own🤫

Do you like milkshakes? What kind?

I do I really do! And I don’t remember at the moment but whenever I go to Peters I know what to get !

What are some of your spiritual goals? If you would like to share them, of course.

Get closer to God :)


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