Ask @nicole_tighe2:

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1. Age: I'm 16, not 18 or 12 or 22. 16. I'm a junior, 2019.
2. Hair color: light brown, changes color, don't ask how that happens, ask the hair creator.
3. Relationship status: single pringle ready to minglee
4. Do you think you're beautiful? If I didn't think I was, I would have a pretty crappy relationship.
5. American or not: I'm 100 % American. No, never lived in Germany or Hawaii or Australia. Though I wish.
6. Height: 5 ft 8 in
7. Bikini pap: Nope, not gonna happen.
8. State I live in: New Jersey; NJ is not the same as NY, peeps
9. Favorite color: lavender and teal
10. Text me: Um, if I have your #, maybe, possibly. If not, I got nothing to say. Just besides no.
11. Wyd: I'm probably sleeping, at the beach, texting my boy, or school/work
12. Hit me: I'm not violent....
13. What do you look for in a guy (potentially bf)? I'm looking for a guy who's sweet, loyal, and honest.

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