Ask @nicolechangmin:

you were chubbier and fatter before, what did you do to slim down? :) pls share... or is it appetite got smaller and eat lesser? pls i need to lose weight hehe

I used to eat desserts a lot! Like my main course could be 2 desserts lolol but I decided to eat healthier and cleaner and be more active. But a tip would be to cut carbs, for example, don't eat rice. Hard but you'll get results 💪

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Are u okay if your bf kiss on tv?

Yeap, it's all part of the job! Funny thing is that I thought I would not be able to deal with it at first but I was caught off guard the first time I saw one of his kissing scenes and I was surprisingly cool with it 😂😎 in my head I was like ' wow bae, good take!' He has a passion for acting and I'm proud of him for pursuing his dreams.

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