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OK but I got about 3000 of your pictures I’ll give out to everyone and spread them around like you need to speak to me in private for just a second please and I shall let you be free pretty like a bird to fly or far away like forest And Jenny Jenny Jenna did


Hey girl I just want to know you’re good I’m super worried and down to help you because I think more than anyone else I understand you a million percent. I look up to you always and looking forward to do anything I can to see you glowww please be good & great you are one of a kind inspiration

Ty I appreciate it 🙂 you made my day same to u too

Just so you know I was watching your twitch and your asking for email verification you sending it to the wrong email probably did it on purpose


If you love someone, who don't love you currently..possibly never will again, the way they use to..the way you wish they still did..focus on you..do better for you. Don't waste too much time hurting anymore because if that love isn't meant for you..there is one that will eventually be on the way. 🥰


Any advice? I can't move on from my ex. He's married now but I still want him back. Am I stupid?

Just move on he did so its ur turn I know it's hard but he chose his life n to be with someone else

Does anyone know why famous people commit suicide, this is going to be 9 times listening to another famous person taking their own lives ? I’m confused if they got everything why would they do that?

They got mental health problems and need help sometimes its too late and we never know till it's too late its heartbreaking 💔 😢 you never know what a person is thinking or going thru. They may fake a smile and act like everything okay but deep inside it could be different, and we don't know about it till after they are gone! Always tell ur family friends parents siblings whoever else that you love them hug on them tight enjoy them while they are still here. We never know when it will be our time to be with God is


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