Ask @nicolemeganandzoe:

If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be?

#Zyler yes❤️

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21-21 likes? Follow-Follow?

Miley Cyrus♥
Done both but don't worry about it a follow is alright❤️Xo

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What's your favorite breakfast food?

Nicole: bagels! Meg:Frozen Yogurt! ;)❤️
Zoe: anything really..

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OMG! you actually replied I have to admit I fangirled I love you so much! I so would like to go I'll kik you girls right now!! Thank you so much!!! ~Mariah xxxxx

See you tomorrow! :) xo

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Hi! I love you 3 girls so much I was wondering since I live in LA & you guys are currently here for a while I was wondering if you were are ever going to do a small little meet and greet or something cause i've always wanted to meet you & i bet others to! Love you loads! Mariah from polyvore

Awe hi Mariah!! we would love to do something like that but we doubt anybody would come but for now how about this tomorrow we could all hang out maybe at The Grove and you could bring a couple of your friends and hang out for a bit? If you would like to then Pm us or kik us! Lots Of Love ~Zoe Meg and Nicole xo

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Who would you like to be?

Meg: Perrie Edwards Zoe: Jesy Nelson Nicole: The YouTuber Zoe Sugg

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What have you learned from your past?

Zoe: LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG ;) Nicole: Wrists are for bracelets not cutting Meg: Don't be so insecure because you're to beautiful for that! xo

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Is it more important to love or be loved?

Meg: Zoe??... Zoe: Be Loved? Nicole: not sure...

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Do you have posters on your wall?

Meg: Of course who doesn't? Zoe: Duh... Nicole: mmhmm lol :P xo

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