Ask @nicolepou:

What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?

Bitter Truth; like if u dont like me, don't be talking to me or texting me. I'm not gonna speak to someone who doesn't want to speak to me. If I ask u how my hair looks, do not say it looks good when it looks terrible, like u do not know how much I fucking hate that. And if I say something that was rude or offended you, TELL ME, cause I ain't gonna be talking to u, and have u giving me fucking attitude for no reason, just tell me so I can explain why I said that, or understand what made u mad, instead of u acting all cool, like tf no

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I'm sorry to say that's not me i could care less what people have to say about me and i could give to shits what people think about me I'm only texting you this because someone i know that knows you texted me and told me to look at your ask sorry i don't want to talk to you i sure as hell don't care

Yeah okay, "someone who knows me". And they showed you that quickly. Why don't you just stop acting so pathetic it's onions that it was you so why don't you just stay off my ask. Bye👋

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