What is your all time favorite of all your favorite songs?

i don't have an "all time favorite song" but currently i love i need you most - hey and heavy - killin time band

Question time everyone! Hook up or Relationship?

i don't like both

Is flirting considered cheating?

if you're in a serious relationship and you flirt with someone else with something naughty in mind...you're kind of cheating

thoughts about mental illnesses, feminism, body image and equality????

mental illnesses are just as important as physical illness. people shouldn't discriminate or ridicule those who have mental illness. it could happen to everyone.
feminism and equality is for everyone. it's actually good but some people just go overboard and exaggerate some things, in my opinion.
learning to accept your body is nice and all but you can always improve yourself especially if you aren't healthy anymore.

Fav sao character nikki

although it's popular, i didn't watch sao

favorite hyperdimension character

i don't watch hyperdimension sorry

Have you watched danganrompa?

i haven't but i played the game tho

you have tumblr? have you shipped any characters?

tumblr: http://swadoka.tumblr.com/
and yes i did

no, Lost Pause is weeaboo channel

ohhh im not a weeb tho

You watch Lost Pause

is it a drama...?

name a close friend that starts with A :)

abi <3

Do you remember life without technology? What was it like?

i used to go out

i miss u Krista Limoran

i miss u too <3 feel free to message me when you're not busy :3

buy cool for the summer on itunes 😉✌️🔥🌞👙🍒

give me money

What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

that video of guys blindfolded while boxing lol

In three words, how would you describe your best friend?

shit i love

hi mom Josh K

hello son
long time no... convo uwu

What kind of watch do you wear?

the classy one

r u fujoshi

not bout that life

do you read bl?

no lol but it's okay


i notice yOU KOUHAI



hello bro

hi sis


tHANK SO much for the lov i lov u too

Why would I ask that to myself tho ? :) no, are you more attracted by a boy if he does so ?

you said "do I" lol
nah not really(unless if im actually attracted to him it's a plus lol) but i like the sound of the guitar tho


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