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How’s going on at the work 😃 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
It’s gonna rain but I’m sitting out at a picnic table doing some general admin stuff while I wait for my incubation to be over. This guy I really don’t like was being annoying and obnoxious in the break room so I came outside instead lol
Hows going on at the work

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Do you like it when people post photos of things like what they’re eating or what kind of shoes they are wearing? What about when they get a new puppy ?

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
On this app? Sure I don’t mind

Do looks matter to you?

I’m so tired right now I def need a cup of coffee lol. For me I feel like you need to at least try the minimum for your looks like brushing your hair and teeth, taking showers, wearing clean clothes, and using chapstick lol. Nobody enjoys being around a person who looks like they rolled out of a ditch and smells bad from not caring for themselves/their appearance. I like wearing makeup to work bc it makes me feel productive and confident, but if that’s not someone else’s thing I’m not judging lol
Do looks matter to you

hey buddy how are youu xx

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hi I’m good lol j bored again at work waiting for my bacteria thaw time. Peeps are so slow lol it’s stuff and I gotta wait on them lol. That’s fine tho, all the more time to get paid to literally do nothing 😂
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thaw your bacteria?

lisaportman1506’s Profile Photolisa.portman
Yeah I work in a lab 😊🥼 There’s a certain time schedule we have to keep so things run smoothly with the experiments but I usually get done with some of my stuff early so I have to wait around to do the next step lol


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