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im going to a meeting, what color scarf should i go with: grey, black, very dark blue, or very dark green?

Kinda depends on what the rest of your outfit was tbh

i still dont know what fast x is about and why it needs 1 million sequels?

I haven’t really watched any of them. Idc really about cars so a lot of it is lost on me I guess haha

😈🥶🤩🥵🤢🧞‍♂️🐸🎃 that her evil spirit she try to get my korean blue frog my questions

Fucken what

hydrogen and electricity will replace nuclear power and oil fuel. Will you be buying an oil company and nuclear power plant and make hydrogen, hydrogen fuel and electricity?

Lmao uuuh I don’t think I’d ever have enough money to buy an oil company or nuclear power station 😂

Would you ever date a woman that’s younger than you?

I’m done w dating younger partners. I want to be on the same page emotionally and the same stage of life as my partner. There’s a huge difference in who I was when I was 20 to now when I’m ab to be 27

If someone apologizes to you for what they did would you forgive them or would you continue to carry that burden on your shoulders and continue to bring it up?

anonomously50503’s Profile PhotoParsheye30
Depends on what they did. I’d never forgive a cheater or someone who caused harm purposefully to someone I care about

Would you rather lose yourself and behave like everyone else or stay true to who you are?

A bit of blending in and a bit of standing out. Gotta know how to play the game of life to succeed at it in the end. Nothing can tip too much toward one extreme or the other

Which country would you like to live in forever?

Maybe somewhere in Europe like Scotland or England or maybe Germany or Bavaria


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