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Is being possessive about someone is a toxic trait?

Yes. It's unhealthy for both you and the person you're possessive over. You should trust your partner/friend etc, if they're with you they're with you, living in constant fear you'll lose them can't be good for either of you, not to mention pointless.
You don't own people, being controlling and insecure isn't gonna stop them them from leaving you.

So i became friend with a guy on ask and when we shared smapchat and insta and started talking, bro he is not the same person 😭I mean the answer he posted on ask was just him being fake. Please never fall for answers here 🥲

Eh, I'd give him the benefit of the doubt, since posting and holding a conversation are very different things.

How to conquer heart of a person I like

Ok I genuinely hate it when you people look at someone's love as a challenge in a game that will enable you to level up or give you some sick upgrades or something. "Conquering" is not the right word, nor the right approach because it's a one-sided and aggressive/invasive action. Talk to your person. Swallow your ego. Tell them you like them. Ask them if they like you back. If yes, good. If not, tough luck. Simple as that.


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