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If a guy promised to buy a drink for you but hasnt texted you since what does that mean

He's actually not into you lol

Its better to learn from it than regretting it for the rest of your life. Ngam?

Idk the context but au mcm ngam

Are you open to adapt with new cultures?🤗

Yeah I guess. I wanna venture more into the Korean culture

Thoughts on hanging out with a friends you met on internet as a friend

No thoughts cus I do it all the time. Its normal

Girls, if ur bf said u look cute in ur sec sch uniform and requests u to wear it again to take photo, would u dare to do it if u are 30+ and it is a pinafore sch uniform which is obvious and eye catching?

Woi jangan talur and dont be so blind, he's sexually taking advantage of you for his own entertainment

Gaji 550 cukup khawin?

Depend lifestyle kita mcm mana. Klu kita ada saving bulan2 untuk family kita nanti should be ok. And klu kita ada tempat tinggal sdh lagi bisai. Yg dpikirkan sja mostly is kerita sama personal loan kita yg kita pakai untuk persediaan kawin sama life kita after kawin catu

Are Saturday and Sunday public holiday?

No... govt servants work on Saturday.... bc fridays r our off day

Sharing driving school? Please 😂 Payah kah exam nya?

Nda brapa, exam undang2 (betulis) atu kompom mesti apal bulat2 dari buku undang2 yg kna bagi oleh ur driving sch.
Practical exam nya depends lah jua on the pegawai, ngam time ku dulu pegawai ku chill sikit (strict plg jua tapi baik). Jarang pegawai ani kn memfail kan urg yo, unless bnr2 kau nda pandai drive msa exam atu haha which is usually not the case

Doakan aku guys semoga lancar tugasan ku tolong doakan 😊 yg mendoakan aku May Allah bless u and ur family Aamiin 🥰

Aamiin bro/sis

Hi. Just wanna vent that, we as a student sometimes couldn't endure the feeling where we used to online learning but then suddenly it's physical learning. When the module can be done online, but the lecturer keep on insisting it to be physical. It was hard for us, esp we need to be send there.

Ngam chu..

Me and my besties usually updating each other. But as time goes by, she seems doesn’t care much about me as she used to. Should I or shouldn’t I tell her what I’m currently doing? I plan to continue my study 😊

Just tell her

What is nice to watch on Netflix? Any recommendation?

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Hospital Playlist
Prison Playbook
Please watch them all in this sequence


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