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Pap of you

man, the truth is, u dont wanna know how i feel, u want to go on with ur life after my answer and not think about me again. u just want me to express the feelings u want me to have. dont need people like that. not the type to talk bout how i am and for sure after all the people who have interrupted me, laughed, said im stupid while trying to say whats on my mind, i wont ever again talk about it. ever wonder why most of us say "people dont care" so easily? its cause they really dont want to hear about ur actual feelings. they want a simple answer and leave u like that. cause honestly, they dont have the audicity to tell u that they dont wanna care about how u feel. so fake. do me a favor and dont ever ask me again, after all, itd be a waste of time. for both of us.

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So much weight on my chest, I feel so alone, don't know how to express; the stress in my heart; the wounds in my soul
The past is the past, but I can't let it go, and it breaks me, I swear this shit fucking breaks me
I'm desperate, can somebody come and save me? Cause lately I've been close to the fuckin' edge, so many suicidal thoughts in my fucking head

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