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stop thinking we’re enemies, i don’t care about you

I have the same thoughts in mind. It's not like I'm a threat or something.

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Bakit kaya online sya sa Messenger tapos di naman sineseen messages ko?

Baka di siya mahilig magbukas ng messenger kagaya ko

Isha, have you tried solar plexus challenge?

I haven't. I looked for it and watched some videos. I think you're the one who's been asking me about hitting the upper part of my tummy haha

I’m broke af and in a few months my savings will be spent on credit card bills and I’m still unemployed because I’m to depressed to function but there’s this shoes on sale and it ends in 2 days and I really want it ☹️ do I buy it


Bakit kapag mayaman ang umabot nang 100 years old sasabihin healthy living pero Kapag mahirap sasabihin âswang

This is the first time I heard about this 😂😭

I know we can’t read minds but, i wish we could. Just so we know could if they’re genuine and telling the truth.

tnadump’s Profile PhotoNaz Næn
This ability is something I wouldn't want to have. My thoughts are already more than just enough.

anong mafefeel mo/magiging reaction after magchat ung ex mo sayo saying na s/he wanted to take back his/her things after weeks of breaking up. woukd u think na may chance pa?

He can definitely get his things back. Wala naman akong ex lol pero I would probably return everything without him asking for it

Isha, pag kakainin kita saan sa palagay mo ako pinakamasasarapan?

Siguro kapag naging fried chicken ako, sa pakpak? Chariz haha hoy ano yan

Try mo i-poke nang pabigla yung spot sa ibaba ng bone mo na nasa gitna ng ribs mo. Ano mafifeel mo after?

Why? You've been asking me this years ago na hahaha pero di ko pa rin alam ang purpose 😭

Lambot nga ng tummy mo. Tingin ko nga mawawalan ka ng malay pag sinikmuraan ka

Ang random naman po ng question directly sent to me haha bakit naman po sisikmuraan anyway

Mawawalan ka ba ng malay pag sinuntok ka sa sikmura?

Sana hindi para makabawi ako lmao jk my tummy is sooooft it would probably hurt as hell... Lord, gusto ko lang na safe na buhay. Amen.

How do you deal with friends who constantly cancel plans?

mkylrnstrck’s Profile PhotoMiks
Oks lang. If it's something I really look forward to, I'd probably feel bad they wouldn't be able to go. I'd just go out all by myself or with my family/sister.
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Inlove na ko sa taong may jowa. Nagpapakita rin kasi sya ng interest ang nagbibigay ng time sakin. Pero alam ko hindi ako.... ano gagawin ko?

Uh, lumayo?

if someone cheated on u, do u end it?

I think I would because If I don't I would think and worry nonstop and every little thing would make me feel insecure and I would always be suspicious so I'd rather end it than be that helpless

What kinds of boundaries ang need mo iset sa isang situationship to avoid getting hurt? Okay lang bang may endearment at nagsasabi ng ily sa isa't isa?

It's not settling sa situationship at all. Delikads talaga pag ganyan so it's a no for me. I learned.

Na-scam ka na ba ng random online shop?

IAmSuperYeen’s Profile Photozay
Once but it never happened again. The first time it happened I was a 2nd year college student ego just wanted to buy an instax mini tapos yung mode of payment pa sa Cebuana. Since I have always been an overthinker who prioritize security, I made sure I searched every information I could get on her including kamag-anak niya and even possible locations niya at ng family niya bago magbayad. Too good to be true kasi but then again suki ako sa Cebuana and they're open sa mga ganitong details, so I also made Cebuana track her location to make sure I was right. Confirmed yung details na nakuha ko online. I forced and threatened them to return the money in a nice way lol kasi siningil ko siya through her aunts haha ayun nabalik money ko yay now I am moooore extra vigilant so this would never happen again. ☺

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which song did you sing along to recently?

Have been trying to memorize all songs in EICS. But I ended up singing along to Electric Touch repeatedly lmaoooo

Why are you still single?

No good match for me... I don't like anyone and I'm tired of the whole dating-talking-get-to-know-each-other every time already. If I like someone, they won't like me back. People who like me, I don't like them back. I am so sorry.

ur favorite artist/band u listen to?

junkiebazongkers’s Profile Photojunkiebazongkers
Have answered this many times na. Though my answer did not change (never will), nadagdag lang si Adie sa favorites. 🌸

Did you ever meet someone na kilalang kilala ka? Ung tipong alam nya kung ano tumatkbo sa utak mo

At some point in my life, I think I have. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not though.


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