Well you can location doesn't matter anymore

Ok so how would it work exactly?

but I am still open for members

So what kind of people are you looking for? Like what are the requirements?

The only requirement is being able to use a instrument

Oh ok how well though?

But other than that no other requirements

What about age?

so the other requirements is age teen and goth

Oh alright cool

are you joining?

Not sure I feel like I’d be really bad and you probably wouldn’t want me anyway

but I take you no matter what

How many other members are there?

1 pending

And are there any specific songs we’d be playing?

But it's up to you to join

I mean I could try but you’d probably be disappointed and I just realized I’m not going to actually have a lot of time

I'll let you join the band no matter what and you can talk to me when you have the time

Ok I’ll try it I guess

we are working on music and in production of a album called even gods fall to the reaper

Sounds cool

I'm excited to release it

How far along are you?

should we go in a soft direction or a heavier direction

Whatever feels right for the song I guess. Maybe a mix of both

I'm vocals what part do you want to be drum bass guitar synth or backup vocal

I could probably be guitar or possibly backup vocals but I will suck at both

my contact is instagram w01f1104

Ok I followed you