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I hate to be rude, but you use a walking stick and I was wondering what the reason was? Are you okay? Is there any way anyone could help?

I've had problems with my leg muscles for a year or so, which is getting better recently. Mostly caused by me not moving from my room. I use the crutch so I can walk / stand up without pain for longer than I could without it.
Nowadays I mostly just take it with me for long walks / to places I don't know in case pain sets in. I find it a lot easier to be up and about for longer now because I walk to and from town and whatnot.
Basically just don't expect me to be able to stand up for too long, try not to complain too much if I want to sit down after being up for a while, or get offended when I don't want to walk you back somewhere.

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"Have you even seen me around my friends or in lessons You're one dumbass shitlord" i'm not that same anon but i have seen you in lessons and you do act awkward and quiet... :-/

Oh yeah I'm sure you talk to me all the time in my lessons then. Damn, y'all are super quick to judge me when you obviously don't talk to me.
I mean of course you could try not talking to anyone in real life for a good 2 years, and go through several traumatic experiences leaving you with depression and anxiety, and then be shoved back into social situations surrounded by a shitload of people you don't know.
I'm sure that after all that, you'll fucking love it when people then try to tell you that your efforts have not been worth it and that you're super ~socially awkward and quiet~ when they don't even fucking interact with you.
Tell me it to my face and -maybe- then I'll take your words into consideration, because funnily enough I don't take criticism from people who are too much of a namby-fucking-pamby to even show their face to me when they talk shit like they know what's up.
Try actually talking to me, or delete me off facebook.

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