Ask @nisanazeer:


five facts about you please

ummm okay
1. I am very short-tempered.😡
2.I got lots of patience but i dont understand why my friends call me besabri. 😠
3. I have a huge fetish for watermelon haha and of course i love my pleasure.😍
4. For me my self esteem is on the top no matter what but i think people often mistake it as my ego and do i care?! hell no!😋
5.I am an extreme introvert.I will never be the first one to start conversation even if we meet 10 times unless the other person starts haha 😷

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what is that surprise abt ua snap story?

haha lol.actually i had my driving lessons this vacation and abba didnt knew it cause he was out of yesterday when we were going out i asked him to sit beside me and i will be driving.he was so surprised and scared saying that he will not sit with me on these main roads.haha i convinced him and he finally agreed and was deeply happy.Alhumdullilah i passed in his test lol.after we came back he said he was numb all the time sitting beside me 😂😂

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