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Should you smoke tobacco while pregnant?

You shouldn’t smoke at all period but especially not if you’re with child. You are paying (throwing money away) to degrade your health and likely shortening quality of life. But if you want to do it or like doing it just please stop using until you have your baby.

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Do you have a New Years resolution in mind?

mtaubs_fitness’s Profile PhotoMichael Taub
Not really. They often don’t work. Better to try and make a change you want when you think of it. Rather than wait for the new year to do so.

How did we go from almost having a child…? To having nothing but hate for eachother ?

Wow. That is a crazy swing. High highs to low lows. Curious to know what caused the split? Was it cheating or a disagreement? Or no comment.

She wants to be in a open relationship because she wants to sleep with girls what do I do

Do you want to be in a monogamous relationship or open. My opinion is it may work for a bit. Or work but if you don’t feel on board with it. Say it.

Morning person or night owl ?

I like sleeping in but not a night howl. I like being outside so I like when the days are longer.

Are you here to get the attention of someone?

Me? No I am not. I believe that I don’t know anyone in person on this app.

Do you like Advil

Don’t like pharmaceutical drugs. I use them rarely but overall avoid them as much as possible.

Have you ever felt ashamed from your past??

Yes. There are mistakes I have made that looking back were not good and should have been done differently.

What contains ten thousand calories? ??

Not much. That is a large amount of calories. It’d take a lot of food to be 10000.

What is the best way to learn a foreign language? Do you speak any?

I don’t speak any other language. I would guess to watch some of the tv shows in a language that you want to learn. Try to meet ppl who speak it and observe try to pick it up.

Why fairy tales are told to children?

Lot’s. I had heard humpty dumpty, little red riding hood, goldylochs, hansel and grhetl, cinderella , others I am leaving out.

What’s a good thing to say to someone that has not said anything to you in a while?

Hi. How have you been or give em a hug with greeting.

Do you think it’s creepy that a married man in his 40s has female friends at work in their 20s?

No. They are work friends even if not through work he has a wife. Long as he is faithful nothing matters.

I always fail and lose. I tried but always unsuccessful. Life is not good to me. Should I give up and be done with it?

Try going into a challenge being confident. I know it’s a mind fuck when you go into something feeling good and lose. But if you go in thinking you’re going to lose you probably will and are already at a disadvantage. You can only go up when you are at the bottom. Get fired up and be positive don’t be a victim be Victorious.

What are your thoughts on someone spitting their phlegm on someone’s face when they are arguing?

Total disrespect and fully warranted ass beating.

What do you think about marriage? 👋

If you can find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then go for it.

Uhhh my used car is missing the rear view mirror... Is that okay?!

Yes. If you have both side mirrors you should be good. Once you get to be a more experienced driver you will get to the point of being able to drive with one ir fewer mirrors. Possibly.

Do you date in this app ?

No. Dating is when you and another person meet in person and do things together. Eat, movie, hike, go to a park. An event etc.

If animals could talk, which animal would be the most annoying?

Couldn’t say. The same way you couldn’t answer ny looking at a person whether you would like their personality or not just by looking at them.

Have you ever broken up with a friend ?

I have had arguments and disagreements. I don’t think that I have but I had one friend stop being a friend bc we had a disagreement.


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